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Nautilus said:
shikamaru317 said:

To be fair, the only category where it was likely to get a nomination was Best RPG, and all 5 of the Best RPG nominations did review higher than Xenoblade Chronicles 2 except for Octopath, which it tied at 83 on metacritic. The artstyle change to a more anime looking aesthetic was controversial, so a Best Art Direction nomination was highly unlikely. Maybe it should have gotten a Soundtrack nomination, I'm not sure there as I haven't heard much of it's soundtrack. 

Other than RPG, it should definely have been nominated for best soundtrack.

I guess it's time for ...

A counterattack !

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Also ... what's going on with all those Esports categories ?

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XC2 not being there is messed up

Great Sony year. I'm rooting for Detroit.

Why is there no Best Developer of The Year Catagory?

Because that would definitely be Sony. 2 exclusive GOTY Nominees, Several More like AstroBot and Detroit garnering nominations, it has been a phenomenal year for them.

My Notes
-It is going to be painful to see Red Dead Redemption 2 sweep these noms when I personally have not liked it so much. I definitely lean more on God of War or Spiderman. I've been garnering a local concensus on what players think, and many are pretty divided on this matter. What aids RDR2 is the sheer number of more people who have played it vs the others. 17mill vs 6-8mills.

It is unfair that Forza isn't in the GOTY noms, evenn if a Sports/Fighter/Racer could never win the catagory due to limited appeal.

-There is a ton of confusion of genres going on...... Why are Shooters being considered "Action" instead of Shooters? And the lines between Adventure and RPG have become so blurred.

-Detroit wasn't perfect but I be damned if it wasn't one of the breakout experiences for me this year. The Soundtrack in it is superb, and Connor should def take best performance for me.




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Faelco said:
Intrinsic said:
God of War everything.

I don't know about everyone else..... but that game totally ruined every other game for me this year. With all other games I just kindaknew what to expect going in and eventually they all fell into a sort of pattern. With GOW, from start to finish I just kept on getting wowed. Like I was discovering something nw at every turn.

Only other times in my life I had those kinda feels were Ocarina of time, SoTC, MGS, GOW1, FFT, Vagrant story, U2, Horizon ad now GOW.

Honestly, since I played Nier Automata and God of War, I can't be involved fully in a game, nothing feels satisfying enough compared to these two... 

Yea, I can relate.

I tried getting into AC Odyssey, and I just couldn't. All I could think about is how unsatisfying the hit detection was in comparison to God of War, and how haphazard and cluttered the screen felt, and how far back the camera was. It't like I respect what the game accomplished but felt formulaic and made by committee.  Which is something I also feel about Red Dead 2, but I will reserve full judgement till I get past the tutorial areas, if only it would stop putting me to sleep bored to tears.


Was thinking about what the Critics usually like in their GOTY. I think a key attribute is they tend to push for games that move their Genre forward to some degree, and well polished. Also games that had something socially to say.

Case for God of War

I would say the revolution of Kratos as a character is the biggest change. The original GoW games were edge-lord male gaze type affairs. Sex mini games, and violence out the wazoo. I think the big revelation of GoW is how the character and gameplay have.....matured. The game is still violent, but you no longer see Kratos maming innocent people for the thrill of vengeance. You actually see him cautioning about the path to the Norse Gods and his Son. He kills with much more purpose now, and actually is haunted by his previous actions.

The evolution of gameplay is interesting as well. We all know Sony likes their Buddy Naratives. Single Player experience where a companion to talk to is always near by. While The Last of Us eroded what we understood as an "Escort Mission" by making Ellie super efficient, God of War gives the player even more power by actually giving you simultaneous control of your companion. GoW ultimately has you controlling two characters at once, comboing off of each other in some of the most spectacular animation rifts.

Ex. I frisbee the Axe into a draugr who is then pinned to a wall, Kratos is barrelling at him at top speed, I make Kratos leap in air and summon my Axe Back to hand, before it makes it back I tap the CIRCLE to make Atreus sumersault off Kratos back and pop 3 arrows into the enemy midair, just in time for Kratos to come crashing back to earth and slamming axe into the dirt for huge ice blast.

I found the combat some of the most satisfying I have ever played.

God of War (and other titles like Detroit, Far Cry 5, etc) were actually coming right off from 2017 where Microtransactions and Multiplayer ruled. We were being told that "Single Player only games are just not viable anymore". That making such a game has become too risky in current day. It is no coincidence that all the GOTY nominees seem hell bend on eroding that idea. All of them have pulled amazing numbers, stretching beyond many of the Multiplayer counterparts. God of War lead this pack though in quality and success.

God of War sort of represents an end of an era for action games, and a dawn of something new but familiar.




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Sony and PS4 had one hell of a year. The only place where you can play all the Game of the Year nominee's on a single platform.

Blood_Tears said:
Sony and PS4 had one hell of a year. The only place where you can play all the Game of the Year nominee's on a single platform.

Yeah, 2018 really was a stellar year for PS exclusives both critically and commercially.

I wonder if this can be the best year ever (sales wise) for PS exclusives.

Suprised Sea of Thieves wasnt nominated for best Art Direction.. that game is beautiful to look at and that water is pure bliss.

shikamaru317 said:

-Feels like they really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for soundtrack nominations this year, this year didn't really have many standout, memorable game soundtracks sadly. 

Despite this, my favorite soundtracks this year, Xenoblade 2 and Deltarune, didn't even make the list. Not including Deltarune makes sense but excluding Xenoblade 2 is downright criminal.