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Sonic Lost World. So much fun. So underrated.

Conception 2

Arkham Origins

I can't pick a favourite. I'm sure a lot of games I love have scored low with critics. That's why I don't really listen to them. Similar with movies. It's very rare that my love for some form of entertainment aligns with the views of critics.


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It's so odd. The only game below 75 that I've bought in the pat 8+ years as far as I can tell is FFXV: Pocket Edition.

Mario Tennis Aces does come very close, that'd be a fine answer if was a point lower.

fire emblem warriors.
they added some fe features that fit so well with warriors. I couldn't go back to hyrule warriors anymore because I miss these features so bad.

Mass Effect Andromeda. Hands down the best gameplay in the series and I LOVED the idea of going to a new place and fighting for a new home. Archon was a better antagonist than Saren imo

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Gotta be Fatal Frame 5 for me. I can see why it got low scores; it does have a lot of repeated areas and enemies, and it controls more like a PS2-era survival horror game than the more fluid movement players expect from modern games. Still, I absolutely adored it for its strong atmosphere, engrossing lore, and genuine scariness. 

Honourable mentions go to Pandora's Tower, Epic Mickey, and Excite Truck.

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I would say Overlord 1 and 2 for the PS3. It was a very fun game, I loved the concept of building up your base by pillaging, adding princesses to the harem and all sort of cool upgrades to your tower and character.

Fortune Street, score of 68. i love Monopoly and this game is basically just Monopoly but with extra boards, more mechanics, and 100x the money. i have played custom games that have lasted over 18 hours before.

Ark: Survival Evolved.

Still one of my most favorite and complete game and game experiences out there. But I have a complex love/hate because love the game but the community games like that create isn’t exactly the best. Still LOVED the game when I played and still do when I play solo or with a friend.

Kirby Star Allies on 3DS and State of Decay 2 on Xbox come to mind.

I have two:

Gran Turismo Sport is 75 on Metacritic but imo is the best racing experience i have had. The SR and DR ratings are well implemented and make online races very clean (or dirty if u are dirty) and competitive.

Need for Speed The Run is 68 on Metacritic and it is, with NFS Carbon and NFS Most Wanted, one of my favourite NFS. The race through all USA, the differents environments, the story, the gameplay is so cool. People say its too short but i took many hours to beat it