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Holy hell. Mind blown. Insane!

Slightly off topic: Mm puts so much charm in their games. I really can’t wait for them to create more single player/campaign content again.

Holy s...t, this is fantastic :) I love the creative side, and I'm afraid I will spend my life on it, like it was for LBP.

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Madword said:
Really impressive, two things in the stream that were of interest:

1. Dreams is now Feature lock down.
2. MM is no longer responsible for LBP according to what they suggested on the stream, so would think someone else is making LBP4

Sumo Digital made LBP3, not MM.

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Dreams looks amazing, but we really need a release date.

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Well fuck, colour me impressed...

Thats pretty cool, But I just can't see the hype around this game just yet. It's just a bigger scale LBP to me. It might be one of those titles I just have to pick up before I get what the complete fuss is about it overall. I'll probably go that route. Should be a good time consumer at any rate.

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Well they did say you can make anything in dreams but this is really impressive. Can't wait to see what the community can do with this.

Kerotan said:
So dreams is basically a game engine lol

That's what they have been saying all along, and what I have been trying to get everyone to understand. This is a development platform for building PlayStation Software, on PlayStation Hardware. I think Sony should make this a free program as well to ensure every PlayStation owner has access to these tools, and they reach the widest creative base possible. They can make their money through partenering with creators to sell the Apps, Games, Music, and Videos they create in Dreams.

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