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MasonADC said:
tbone51 said:


Also nintendo will pick the popular charcaters not in yet. So maybe like this...


1) Bandana Dee (Staple in Kirby series)

2) Dixie Kong

3) ARMS character (Minmin/Twintelle/Helix?)

4) Captain Toad (thrownin Toadette as Echo or alt)

5) Paper Mario

I'm not sure how good these characters are for dlc picks tho

Was more going with not too surprising picks but Bandana Dee and Dixie are very likely with the former being the most popular pick in japan

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I don't think I made a list, so here I go.

Characters I want:
Joker (Persona 5)
Celica (Fire Emblem Echoes)
Octoling (Splatoon 2; won't happen unless they make them unique enough from Inkling.)
Crash Bandicoot

Characters I expect:
Fire Emblem Three Houses rep
Bandana Waddle Dee
Xenoblade rep that isn't Rex/Pyra (maybe Elma)

Characters I DO NOT want:
Shovel Knight (phew)

Sora (Square-Enix rep)
Rayman (Ubisoft rep)
Crash Bandicoot (has plenty of titles on Nintendo systems now, including the N. Sane Trilogy on the Switch)
Twintelle (depends if ARMS gets a sequel, but that could come around in time for the final DLC and think she'd be a good fit for Nintendo's last representation)
Professor Layton (unlikely, but would be great to see the DS get more representation)

So after reading that Nintendo made the decision with DLC characters, my thinking has changed. I think they're going to pick characters from previously released and upcoming Switch games, with one big third party rep.

I think the odds of seeing Rex/Pyra (with Mythra as an alternate skin) have jumped; personally I'd like to see Lora & Jin with the option to switch which character you're playing as (like the Pokemon Trainer's ability to swap Pokemon), and a stage based on Auresco, but Rex & Pyra are the main characters of the overall game so I think we'll be getting them. I also think Nintendo making the choices increases the odds of Edelgard joining, as well as a generation 8 Pokemon, and some kind of Arms representation - likely Twintelle. I still think we're going to get a big, Japan focused third-party character - I think a Hero from Dragon Quest is likely, with a stage based on Dragon Quest XI.


1) Rex/Pyra (with Mythra as a skin) - Stage: Alrest - You fly around Alrest on Azurda/Gramps' back, seeing different locations from the game. I don't think we'll get a Gormott stage, it's too similar to Gaur Plains.
2) Twintelle - Stage: Cinema Deluxe.
3) Edelgard (axe/magic) - Stage: Location from Three Houses (I was going to say the castle hub, but that would be a bit samey)
4) Generation 8 Pokemon - Stage: Generation 8 location
5) Hero (Dragon Quest - alternate skins represent alternate heroes) Stage: something from DQ XI

My predictions
1. A champion from Breath of the Wild (Mipha or Urbosa)
2. Rex and Pyra (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
3. Yooka-Laylee
4. Fjorm (Fire Emblem Heroes) or Fire Emblem: Three Houses protag.
5. Crash Bandicoot

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MasonADC said:

Nice prediction, congrats!  

Seems like there are 4 more announcements still to come.

The_Liquid_Laser said:
MasonADC said:

Nice prediction, congrats!  

Seems like there are 4 more announcements still to come.

Joker was the one character who I wanted the most but felt like had the smallest chance of getting in. I could care less who else is in the game now lol. Still hoping I get something else right tho 

Wrong Microsoft character :P. 2/5 is ok but I don't think i'll get anymore right from here on out