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Well, this is surprising. For one thing, a great number of virgins will never openly admit it due to all the stigmas and slurs; even highly religious unmarried young men struggle to take pride in being virgin, so the true percentage may be higher unless virginity is cool nowadays.

I used to be extremely popular among Japanese Resident Evil 5 players back in 2009-2011. From the chat I had with Japanese friends, I was left with the impression that virginity is not common over there. One of my seemingly innocent female friends (who had sex with 7 guys by the age of 24) told me about a certain player being "pure" (virgin), how unusual it is, and that she liked pure boys! Of course she asked me to keep it a secret even though the dude was only 19 year old

I also remember watching a Japanese TV program on Youtube highlighting the rarity of female virgins by asking women outdoors how many men they slept with.

But while the percentage itself does surprise me, I'm not shocked at all that porn can keep introverts from having sex for long periods of time.

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Stefan.De.Machtige said:
pokoko said:

I had a Japanese friend tell me to never, ever date a Japanese woman.  According to him, most have little interest in romance, they're just looking for someone to support them so they can stop working and for someone who will increase their status.

I'm not saying that's true but it does seem to be common sentiment.

I'm sure that's true but that statement applies to most women on this planet, not just Japanese women. Marriage/relations were always about business.

Let me quote BRIFFAULT’S LAW:

The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

You're wrong. No, it doesn't apply to every country on the planet. Japan is a country with a 50 years late mindset on some things.

In Japan, the husband has to work, the wife has to take care of the kids. It's a shame of the wife works, because it means that she can't take care of the kids properly. It's a shame if the husband doesn't work enough (meaning:all the time), because it means that he's not providing as much as possible for his family.


It's usual for Japanese father to not see their kids at all during the week, because they're supposed to go to work too early and come back too late to see them. Usually, the wife will leave some food for the husband to eat alone when he comes home. That's normal, and that's what they learn. So most girl don't even think about having a carreer or being independent, they just want a rich husband who will work while they focus on the kids. The husband himself doesn't matter, the wife herself doesn't matter. They have an expected role, they need to do it, like robots. 


You will find that kind of women in Europe and US, but it's s'a minority. Here, it's the default thinking, it's their education. 

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That's a very similar statistic to the vgchartz user base ;P

>Some 44 per cent of unmarried women and 42 per cent of unmarried men in Japan admitted they were virgins in The 2015 National Fertility Survey.

This is just of unmarried people. Highly misleading.

>The study also found 60 per cent of women and 70 per cent of men aged 18-34 said they were single.

So roughly 30% of women and men below 34 if you can trust the numbers.

Rab said:
That's a very similar statistic to the vgchartz user base ;P

Just going to make a general thread warning and try and steer everyone away from such remarks/jokes if we can.
Stay on-topic and constructive if we can.

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Ganoncrotch said:
I love that people overlook some basic shit in surveys like this.... half of the under 40s are virgins?!!! man that's shocking.... did you know that more than 25% of the people under 40.... are 10 or under, think about the ages included in the survey before you start to imagine anime girls falling from the tree's over there begging for Senpai to notice them, considering that the age of consent there ranges from 13-18 depending on the region (damn you survey for making me google that, now I have that weird question in my google history forever lol) that means that if keeping to the age of consent and of course the law there, people will say they've not had sex before that age when surveyed because it would be a crime to suggest otherwise.

If someone handed you a survey which said had you downloaded pirated TV shows and software off the internet... would you not hesitate slightly before ticking "of fucking course I have I know what a computer is"

so yeah....

Survey covers a group of people that around 50% of whom wouldn't be legal to have sex, since obviously anyone who dies before the age of 18 would fall into that half but no one is going to be in the region of 18-40 without having been alive for the first 18 years, so if you look at the numbers from a realistic point of view... it means that 100% if not more of the people who could be having legal sex... are having sex.


I'm sure the 'national fertility survey' didn't ask 5 years old and this survery is obviously about those who are allowed to have sex

Not sure how you didn't think about that 

Immigration isn't the answer, the entire race would be completely wiped out.

Otaku culture is the problem. There's too many young people who'd rather watch anime and porn than socialize.

Or maybe, Japan's few decades ahead of the western world and that's more or less our future. The future where our social skills reach such low, where we can't or don't know how to properly socialise. The future where we're being asked to work more and more hours, leaving us with little to no time for any non-professional human interaction, gimping even further our already poor social skills. The future where the only thing we're comfortable with is electronic entertainment to give us this quick endorphin rush, in that little time slot we have left, just to feel like we're still alive, before it's time to go to bed and start another pointless day.

flashfire926 said:
Japan really needs to ease up on their immigration policies. Bring more people in to offset the decline in population.

The last I read 10% of their population are immigrants, and that was like a decade ago.

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