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I enjoyed it despite its flaws. I still even play it now from time to time. Games is clearly still not complete though, hopefully the next 4 dlcs will sort that.

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I enjoyed the game, the combat was fun and the characters were good. The main problem was that it was blatantly rushed, the main story just seemed like the got to a certain point and thought “right we’ve got to get this finished fast now just speed through it from now on” it seemed like major events or people dying happened so fast and was done cheaply then it just moved on so fast from it, it wasn’t weird. I’ll be honest the ending baffled the fook out of me and i couldn’t really play it anymore after BUT I did enjoy that e game.

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I don't need a video to tell me that. I played it myself and it's a disaster. Big empty world. Boring sidequests. Slow and clunky gameplay. Driving at night always triggers the same unskippable cutscene to ask you how dangerous it is to drive at night. Are you still sure you want to drive???
I can't believe that traveling throughout the world can be so damn annoying. I only played until the first city and just stopped. Couldn't take it anyome.

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The game is just boring. The gameplay itself isn't even bad or anything and the graphics are nice and all. But it's still boring as hell.

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I mean... I can't be the only one who felt like Noctis balls were made out of steel, right? Moving him, making him jump... it felt so limited.

But now that I think about it, this is something that's been around in many games lately. Developers are desperate to make everything look and feel real. And that sometimes affects character control in a negative way. In some specific games I understand, but in games with a vast world and that is supposed to have an active and flashy combat system I don't realism. I don't want to feel slow and clumsy when I turn around my character. I don't want to run like... nothing at all. I don't want to barely jump half my height. I just want to feel like the fantasy character that I am. I want to have fun.

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I highly agree,the game whas fun but nothing like ff 6-12.
If it wasnt called final fantasy it would be a good jrpg but for ff standarts its just oke..ish.

Dragon quest 11 thou,damn!! What a amazing game.


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Wrong. FFXV was way below mediocre and I've been telling you guys since the game was announced.

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twintail said:
Mediocre disappointment ? So it's not so bad? I guess a mediocre disappointment is better than being a straight up disappointment.

Well it probably would have been seen as a bigger disappointment if FF13 hadn't been it's predecessor

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I definitely wouldn't call it a bad game, not by a long shot - I had more fun in the first hour alone of 15 than I did in the entire 30+ hours I suffered through 13. That being said, the story's kinda on the thin side, and it's possible to end up with a ludicrously over-powered party pretty early on in the game. Plus, I didn't buy the game until about a year after it was released, so I might have had harsher opinions had I bought it on Day One.

Have only watched very few fragments of the video itself, because I don't feel like sitting through all that.

I personally agree to an extent; Final Fantasy XV is disappointing as fuck, but it's not a bad game. Enjoyable, but feeling the immense wasted potential that lies within (and no, Royal Edition doesn't really alter things enough to make a substantial difference, although it gives you some extra nice bonus like a decent final dungeon for a change). Half-baked ideas, questionable storytelling, questionable progression, and a very simple combat that becomes serviceable enough not to be boring but always lets you wanting just a tiny bit more of strategizing. So in essence, they could have done so much more with it than what they ended up doing.

I know this sounds repetitive at this point, but FFXV did need one more year of polishing at the very least. At least to iron out certain elements that would later need to be corrected through other means. On a side note, all the bullshit they've added to the game makes it even more disappointing than in vanilla in certain moments (timed-exclusive content for singleplayer games? Excuse me what the fuck?), so I'm not sure what Square-Enix was thinking here.

Overall, I'd recommend, just don't expect anything fantastic and be sure to tame your expectations with the "what could have been". Final Fantasy X and XIII were vastly, vastly superior to this game, though I'd put XV above XII.