I started the Carnivore diet yesterday and have been starving to death! stopped, too painful

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JRPGfan said:

You dont eat veggies and the like? no antioxidants at all? thats gonna drastically increase likelyhood of cancer.
How do you get your vitamins? do you take pills to cover it?

I eat a cup of green beans and peas for my Fiber. - But I don't eat that every night. Probably should.
You know what else has anti-oxidants though? Coffee. I love my Coffee.

JRPGfan said:

Id recammend if you guys stick to something like this, you atleast eat some totmatoes/chillies/yellow peper fruits/Broccoli + eggs as well,
so you get "more" of these vitamins you might otherwise end up lacking.

I am on a Keto diet. Have been for over a year now... The gains I have had has been great.
The best part? All my vitals are in a normal/above normal range as I keep in regular contact with my doctor, dietician and personal trainer.

JRPGfan said:

Lack of Vitamin C can lead to scurvy.

Meat and Eggs has Vitamin C in it.
But it is not difficult to take some multi-vitamins.

JRPGfan said:

Your not gonna get the vitamin C your body needs in just meats.... and if you go afew months without, you end up with lose teeth and the like.

You aren't wrong, but if you are having the right supplements, it's a non-issue.

There are entire tribes of people who live in the arctic regions who only live on a carnivorous diet as they obviously can't grow crops in snow... And also have some of the longest life expectancy's in the world.
Obviously they have a genetic/evolutionary disposition to such a diet, so for us heathens, it's a good idea to supplement our diets.

Cerebralbore101 said:

I'd have to know the specifics of your diet and training in order to properly critique it. 

Indeed. Hence why it's usually a good idea to shy away from generalized statements.

JRPGfan said:

Bet you its alot more healthy and will show better results :)
These short time extreme diets just dont work, but changeing your lifestyle to include exercise, thats sounds alot better.

Exercise is stupidly important.
However... If your goal is to loose weight, then diet is probably the most important factor.

At the end of the day though... It's all about the calories in/out.

If you want to build muscle mass then lots of Protein is a must... Plus supplement with Creatine Monohydrate.

JRPGfan said:

Humans evolved by eating abit of this, and abit of that.
Saying "i ll only eat this, and nothing else" isnt healthy.
Get your fruits/veggies/nuts/meats ect, and if you feel like it, cut back on the bread/rice/pasta ect.

Well. Not exactly. We took advantage of the food sources for any given geographical location.
There are areas of the world where people are extremely limited in their dietary choices.

Fruits are also very carb/sugar/caloric heavy, so may not be a good idea depending on what your goals are.

And don't fall for the fruit juice scam either.

Madword said:

I'm considering that actually. I generally run at 6.30pm but its getting dark and too many druggies smoking in the park which I am not fond of running near.

I think 5.30am would be pretty good, but my body is usually aching when I wake up. Do you have any issues in getting the body to wake up... I guess you have more energy through the day? (I feel great after running).

Thought about joining a Gym? No. I am not talking about a Pokemon Gym either.
Gyms here are open 24/7 and have a ton of equipment.

Cardio is fantastic, but if you feel there is a risk, then avoid the risk.

last92 said:
Yup, carb addiction is real. Your body is just asking for carbs. It took me around 1 month to stop the cravings. Now I can look at my family eating sweets and bread and I couldn't care less.

Anyway, you can make the transition easier by paying attention to electrolyte balance and eating veggies. If you want to try the carnivore 0 carb diet, I strongly recommend that you first do 1 month of keto with a lot of healthy veggies. Once your body is used to a very low carb intake, you can go one step further with the carnivore diet. I'm personally quite happy with the keto diet (and I like veggies, no reason to stop eating those).

What veggies are you eating?

As a rule of thumb I avoid any that:
1) Grow underground.
2) Brightly coloured.

As they tend to be more carb heavy than others.

Cerebralbore101 said:

Let's say somebody is a real fatso of about 250 lbs and 40% bodyfat. Our hypothetical dieter also doesn't get any exercise ever, and doesn't intend to. What happens when we use the following macronutrient calculator to find out how much protien and carbs this guy needs to be on a diet. https://www.muscleforlife.com/macronutrient-calculator/ Well, if you put the numbers into this calculator this dude needs 1622 calories a day, 300 grams of protien, and 0 carbs. Why 0 carbs? Because he doesn't exercise at all, and is so fat that the only way to hit his 1622/300 calorie/protein goal is to eat nothing but protein. Now suppose this guy decides to get 5 hours of exercise per week.

Well suddenly, he needs 85 carbs and 1990 calories a day to be on a diet. His carb and calorie needs shot up, because he started exercising. Protein remained the same. 

Now, what happens if this guy goes down to 200 lbs with 20% bodyfat? Well, at this point, even without exercise he needs 1708 cals, 97 carbs, and 240 grams of protein a day. If he exercises 5 hours a week then his carb and calorie needs shoot up to 2096 calories and 194 carbs. 

What happens if this same guy drops down to 10% bodyfat, at 180 lbs, and starts to go into a bulk phase, with regular exercise? Well now he needs 426 carbs a day, 2911 calories, and 180 grams of protein. 

My point is that how many carbs you need a day depends on your body composition, and how much you are exercising. People that find success on the low carb/no carb diet are usually seriously overweight and sedentary (so they need no carbs), or unintentionally sneaking 70-85 carbs into their no carb diet, turning it into a proper diet on accident. 


Pemalite said he is on a no carb diet and bulking, but bulking is completely different than dieting, and I have no clue about the specifics of his regimen. 

You are right on the money.

As for bulking... If you want to bulk properly, you need a proper diet and you need a proper exercise regimen to take advantage of it.

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spurgeonryan said:

Yesterday I had three whopper jrs from Bk, with no buns or veggies, then for dinner I had chicken and cheese.


Today I bought a sausage biscuit with just the ssausage.


By lunch I had 4 bacon burgers. Two hours later all I could think about was more food. Not my sales at work, not anything. Got home and was maniacal, laughing hysterically telling my fiance I had to eat right now!

Had two porkchops, multiple eggs and a half pound of cheese.


Finally feeling full, but my body is still missing something. When will I normalize?

Sheesh, I gained two pounds just reading that post.

Replace fast food meat with home gas grilled meat. Fry frozen vegetables in a frying pan and balance your diet. For the last be of god!

FragilE^ said:
Waterfasting is an interesting alternative. Worked wonders for me.

What's your goal with the diet? Without long term goals, its very difficult to get good results from any diet.

Mine is to lose enough to fit into my Mycaruba t-shirt, ride a helicopter again, and get back in my African string chair. ^^

Some days I just blow up.

Hi, I'm a doctor and I'm here only to say maybe you'll lose weigh for a while, but you're killing yourself in long term and probably recovering your weigh in future. Have a nice day and get information from trustworthy sources.

- K E M S -

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Sigh, Spurge, I like you, but you make really weird decisions sometimes. Get off this diet. It's a bad idea. You're going to kill your heart doing this long term, and in the short term you'll harm your gallbladder and liver. Not to mention since you're focusing on so many processed meats like sausage, you're liable to give yourself bowel cancer. That much cholesterol is terrible, the processed meat, fast food, and cheese will all have too much salt, which will be bad for your blood pressure, and the grease and fat will be terrible for your digestive system all at once, not to mention you're going to end up a real fatass eating like that. And to eat all that and not feel satisfied? Why bother?

Kill cook and eat plants and animals. Stretch Exercise and fornicate. Drink water and sugar free Gatorade. Shit after every meal. And definitely fall in love.

That’s the best advice I can give you.

Try for a more balanced diet.

I don't post very often but when I do it's for articles like this. Spurge, you need to splurge for the good meat if you're going keto. I have some mennonites close to where I live who sell properly raised and fed meat. You have to get a good source like that without all the growth hormones, antibiotics and whatever crap they feed industrial cows. Stay away from fast food. If you don't have that near you I believe trader Joe's has the organic stuff for a reasonable prices, unlike whole foods.

Make sure you eat a lot of veggies as well, not just meat. Avocado is a good substitute for fat if you're getting sick of meat products.

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I've sort of dipped my toes in low carb stuff, flirted a bit with Keto but even that seems a bit too extreme to me, let alone full blown carnivore. But I have heard but diets (well they're not diets so much as "ways of eating") have helped many feel better and shed a lot of poundage. After all, we've evolved for millions of years to eat meats, nuts, berries, some plants, etc. Grains only came into the picture roughly 10k years ago and with the industrial age, this processed/refined junk and trans fats are essentially foreign to our systems.

But yeah even in my couple of months dabbling with low carb I lost 8lbs or so, though I've sort of relapsed back into pizzas, pastas, sweets, and put most of that weight back on rather quick.. Hell, I'm Italian so it's tough. We're freaking bred on carbs lol.

I gotta get this thing back on the rails again. This topic's inspired me.

I doubt I'll ever go carnivore but Keto does seem like the sort of thing I can perhaps work towards getting myself used to in the future and maybe even sustain for 80% of the time. I'm already partially there as I appreciate a good steak, jerky, and cheese is probably like half my diet. Not crazy about veggies, but I can live with broccoli, green beans, cauliflower. Been trying to cut back on things like chips, crackers, and candy, and replace them with nuts, seeds, and berries.