Warhawk, Twisted Metal and PASBR Server Shutdown October 25th

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totally forgot about these games. sucks for the few who still play them. but so goes the life of games that rely on server bullshit, which are only for rentals for me, or free monthly pickups with games for gold, with very few exceptions, like i bought destiny 2 for $10. shrugs.


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-Newcloud- said:
Oh my god Warhawk now there is a game I'd love to see remastered great multiplayer game

you and me both. that was the 2nd game i had bought for ps3, but by far put the most hours into. also 1st major online game i played. so many good memories, like putting mines under the warhawks and sitting by watching people get in them

nooooOOOOOOO !!!!!!! TWISTED METAL !!!!!!!

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