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I wonder if Playstation skins in minecraft are coming to Switch ?

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Angelv577 said:
I am really surprised sony is considering it.

They received so much bad press around the fortnite stuff, I'm not surprised at all. They just couldn't fool anybody with their ridiculous reasoning anymore.


And, really, that's exactly how this is supposed to work. Company does something stupid, consumers pointed out, company improves. To take it a step further, it drives the whole industry forward. So, good on the consumers for speaking up, good on Nintendo and Microsoft for applying pressure as well, and good on Sony for caving and doing the right thing.

Great news, haven't been using my PS4 for almost a week now, been playing Fortnite on PC with my daughter on Switch, now that season 6 is arriving tomorrow, I'll try playing on PS4 for a bit and have a feel on using controllers again like the old Modern Warfare and Black Ops days.


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forevercloud3000 said:
animegaming said:

Difference is that last gen cross play felt like a nice pipe dream then everything change E3 2017 when it was reveal that Minecraft and Rocket League was getting cross play between Xbox and Switch. Then things only got worse when Fortnite AKA the biggest thing in gaming at the moment not only had crossplay between Switch and Xbox, but also Sony locking accounts on PS4 even if they made it on Switch or Xbox. 

Also Microsoft did get flack for it last gen since it killed FFXIV chances of coming to the 360 and while I do love FFXIV, its far from Minecraft, Rocket League, and Fortnite in popularity. 

It only felt like a pipe dream to some because it was MS in the lead. Thats what bothers me about this whole situation. Sony absolutely just got bullied into this by a market tricked into assisting MS in hurting their competitor.  

You do bring up a good point, that there is a difference in the games themselves that are incorporating crossplay like features. Fortnite has ascended to ridiculous proportions. Notoriously FFXIV asked for it on Xbox but were swiftly denied. I attribute MS's denial of it even tho they had once allowed it with FFXI was they only allowed that to sway Square Enix as a company more in their favor at a time where SE was royally peeved at Sony(Slim PS2 incapable of playing FFXI). They already got FFXIII to break it's exclusivity agreement and saw no profitable or advantageous reason to break their Xbox live rule again for Square Enix.

There is every reason in the world now for MS to want crossplay, because it is something that benefits those not in the lead. Userbase is a selling point that is now being derailed. When your friends had a 360 you got a 360 because you wanted to be able to play with them. If you didn't get the same system you would be left out. On a business note this was positive for the market leader, but negative for those who aren't.

Corporations aren't your friend and mostly importantly they are not people, you seriously can't bully a corporation especially when they do something stupid. Which was what Sony was doing. Holding people's Fortnite account hostage and denying users on other platformers that they can with their friends on PS4 while those other platforms would let their players play with each other is anti-consumer.

Microsoft also had a major change in leadership both within and outside the Xbox brand, Phil took over the Xbox brand in either 2013 or 2014 and he manage to change into the most pro-consumer console manufacture to the point that the only two things I say MS with the Xbox brand does that are anti-consumer is needing Xbox Live Gold for free to play and just needing to pay money for multiplayer games in general. 

BraLoD said:
Ka-pi96 said:

@Sony you're a bunch of spineless cowards! You never should have caved!

Bunch of casuals and people that won't actually even care about it because they can't bitch anymore: they listen.

Crazy hardcore fans claiming for a single thing for almost 20 years: they don't.

Way to go Sony!

You sir, are alone. 

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Can't say I'm not surprised. Not entirely, but mostly. I knew PS wouldn't do it with the heat on like it was, but I thought they would wait longer, which makes me suspicious of why the need for so much good will all of the sudden? First Spider-Man, then a classic console, then PS Now downloads, now cross play, while gamer tag change is supposedly on the way before xmas. There is no reason apparent at the moment for a bombardment of pro consumer greatness at this time. Why? Something must be up.

I can't help but notice the irony of the cross play situation at the moment. So much hatred towards PS and it's anti consumer ways leading to arrogant SNY talk returning. Coincidentally, now that Nin was receiving a similar type of backlash for their online offering and policies, leading to anti consumer talk, PS decides to put out the fire on their own end. This is definitely another business tactic. PS didn't even make it sound like they wanted to do it, but they knew it could be used to kill at least two birds or more with one stone by doing it now.

While I would on one hand imagine this means no more handhelds from PS since their basically telling you go buy a Switch if you want to play on the go, they have now 'lied' about not wanting cross play, and not wanting old crappy retro games. They are 2 for 2 for so far. What about more recently and not wanting anything to do with handhelds? 3 4 3 soon?

There are positives and negatives for PS with cross play. As for negatives, anyone who wanted a Switch or XB1 for whatever reason, can now get one and play Fortnite and some future games against PS players. How many people that is exactly would seem to be few, otherwise PS would be giving up many things. It also helps to prove if people make enough noise, they can get their way. In the future if there is something that is definitely going to really hurt the PS business or franchise, money related or not, they may have a hard time telling those people no because now you've opened the door. Hopefully MS doesn't decide to become too consumer friendly and drop paywalls and hardware prices because why buy a PS4 for cross play games like Fortnite, if there is no longer a Live paywall and/or if XB1 is much cheaper than PS4? With the cheap streaming 'XB2' option rumors, it really makes me wonder if MS has thought this through in terms of hardware and price. Games like Fortnite don't require the most powerful hardware ever. Some users here made it fairly clear they didn't want to have to pay for cross play, yet another charge. Money is made off micro transactions with these games, so making sure people are buying that game on your own platform really matters. PS lost some of that leverage.

As for positives, it will get rid of the negativity that surrounded cross play, however small, and will only allow it to be a small smear on their legacy (for the time being), so as not to damage the brand going forward, unlike XB1 this gen. It should also gain them some goodwill and some more sales. They made it clear it's only for Fortnite at the moment, and third party games, so they can take their time now if they like and slowly allow existing games to cross over while they keep profiting until then. They also can direct most of any future negativity about cross play towards the pubs and devs. Even though Epic should've been taking way more heat, PS can now point the finger at the games themselves. This may actually help PS to some degree in the future. Any dev or pub who doesn't want cross play for whatever reason, may be slightly upset PS caved, but PS can easily point out the PR pressure they were put under, mostly by MS, and this may very well but a bad taste in those devs/pubs mouth's when it comes to dealing with XB in the future.

Personally, it's not a big deal for me, as long as the option exists to enable or disable cross play if I want. I do think this could very well come back to bite PS in the butt in the future though. I kind of wonder if they didn't necessarily cave, but maybe are actually getting that cocky that they figure they no longer need cross play as leverage. That may be true in this gen, but next gen could be a different story, unless they have aces up their sleeves. I sure hope those aces aren't starting next gen off without cross play on PS5. MS may be able to get away with offering monthly plans late in the gen, only to pull them when the next gen starts, but if PS tries pulling cross play with PS5, it's going to blow up in their face unless MS follows suit.

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Slade6alpha said:
BraLoD said:

Bunch of casuals and people that won't actually even care about it because they can't bitch anymore: they listen.

Crazy hardcore fans claiming for a single thing for almost 20 years: they don't.

Way to go Sony!

You sir, are alone. 

Pff, of course I'm not.

Not even here I'm alone.

Unless you don't mean LoD-wise, then yeah, I'm alone.

Forever alone.

Neodegenerate said:
Mr Puggsly said:

That would be nice, but I fail to see why a free game should have access to online free.

If anything, paid games should have free online.

Crossplay is different, it simply doesent isloate platforms. You cant buy your way around that.

At this point Xbox is the only platform that requires a subscription to play Fortnite.  You don't need PS Plus, you don't need Nintendo Online, but you do need Xbox Live.  Odd man out on it atm.

Yeah it's actually shocking that there's no massive outcry regarding this. If it was the other way around I bet you Microsoft would be constantly promoting campaigns against it like they did crossplay. Sony on the other hand say absolutely nothing and let Microsoft away with this.


So next gen will Sony join them or will Microsoft join Sony? Or maybe both will keep their current policy. 

What a letdown. Propably the worst thing since...

Hunting Season is done...

Errorist76 said:
RaptorChrist said:
So now everyone is happy? Or is there still that odd representation of Sony fans that claimed they didn't want crossplay, and now they are upset? Or was it all a ruse?

I’m curious if the discussion now will move on to MS, who hide Fortnite and other ftp games behind their Gold paywall.

Of course not.  A lot of the bitching wasn't about getting crossplay, which judging by console sales was not a hot button issue, but about attacking the King of the Hill.  Now that this is done, those same people will try to find something else to complain about concerning Sony, while completely ignoring (or worse, making excuses for) the things their companies of choice have done.  If they were truly about being pro-consumer, all of this pushback would now be turned towards MS for having a paywall for a F2P game.  I won't hold my breath.

@ OP

Personally, I don't really care about crossplay.  And its obvious by sales that the majority of people don't, either.  I am glad that Sony is releasing those accounts, though.  That was really the only negative thing I think they were doing concerning crossplay.