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Should Pokemon Evolve Into An Action RPG

Pokemon Let's Yes 12 16.22%
Pokemon Let's No 62 83.78%

As a spin-off like Lets Go and Pokken then Sure!

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Absolutely fucking not. Action RPGs have their place as well, but turn-based RPGs are infinitely better and Pokemon is practically their torch-bearer. Dragon Quest and Pokemon should never become ARPGs, and Final Fantasy never should have either.

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
melbye said:
I know most people will disagree with me but i want them to look at Xenoblade 2, the combat in that game is something i would love to see in Pokemon. Blades are essentially Pokemon already

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I think that an action RPG spin off would actually be very cool.

Pretty much this.

They shouldn't touch what has already been done. Also, it would be quite pointless to throw away all the competitive scene the franchise has built up until now.

Though, were they to do an actual game, I would like them to borrow the command base system of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 but tweak it to make it work with pokémons instead of blades

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They could explore a spin off like that but changing the core game wouldn't fly over well with fans nor would it make sense at this point.

They seem to be comfortable with spinoffs, so if they ever do an action rpg, I doubt that it will be an evolution of the core series.

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No, I think it should hold onto that Everstone.

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Change the presentation of the battle to a more interacting one, were you see your pokemon running in a field and you stay outside and give attack commands to them. Thus the core mechanics would stay the same.

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What they could do is something like Dragon Quest Monsters Joker, where you can see the Mons and approach, surprise them from behind or avoid them, but that's about it

I think you don't quite understand the meaning of the word "fad". Pokémon is not a fad, if it is on its 20th anniversary. It has outlived the Walkman and the iPod now. A fad dies. Pokémon is not.

What Pokemon could do too give it a slightly more real effect is too allow the trainer to move in battle, kinda like dragon quest 11