Are you buying the Nintendo Online Service?

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Are you buying the Nintendo Online Service?

Yes 103 60.95%
No 54 31.95%
Undecided 12 7.10%

No. At least not at launch. I rarely play multiplayer games , especially on Switch, so I don't see the point why should I pay.


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I think I will. I do play my share of online games and $20 per year is nothing. And I also like NES games so after 20 years it will be cool to finally play with someone that knows what they are doing. I also think they will offer games from other platforms at some point, the NES catalogue is not exactly infinite.

This dude just hacked his way to the top of every ranked mode in Splatoon just to diss on Nintendo.

Nicely done, mr. God.

I think the thing that upsets me the most about this is that it....like...it's 20 bucks, people. Nintendo knows it's not as good as PSN or XBL, that's why they're not charging as much for it. Yeah, it's upsetting when one thing that was once free now costs money - hated it when PS3 did it as well - but it's 20 bucks...a year.

It's worth it.

Some people need to get over it.

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Yes. It's $20. A year.

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i'll get it. Try to play smash. Get annoyed at the rediculous lag and let it expire. Hopefully i'm wrong about the latter. smash wii-u was playable several months post launch i suppose. So yeah i'll try it. Hell, i can see myself getting it ala carte too. leave it expired, then get a month if a friend wants to play something non-f2p online. Mostly just for that one session. It's cheap enough to justify buying a month for a single play session if i'm rarely using it otherwise.

Not yet - I don't play much online. If the subscription included a SNES Online app, with access to an expanding library of SNES games, I'd be more interested. Personally I expect that to arrive next year, possibly with an additional cost.

It's already started xD

At that price it was a given for me for a long time. I honestly always expected more to be announced, however. I expected more than this to be included for its original launch date LAST YEAR. I'm not so sure now that I'm going to bother.

When asked if we should get a family account, my wife gave me a flat out "no." This is coming from another long-time Nintendo fan. We're both feeling more than a little burnt by this. Nintendo sure has a way of making die-hard fans feel unappreciated.

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