Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles remastered announced.

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This game was really fun on the Gamecube, but it was also a pain in the butt because you needed multiple GBAs to play multiplayer. Now GBAs are pretty cheap and I play this with my daughter. It's a lot of fun.

The trailer makes it look like online multiplayer only. I was hoping for local multiplayer without the hassle like the GC version had. Going to have to wait and see with this.

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I never got very far in the GameCube version.  I don't recall disliking it...just didn't love it.  Was wanting a mainline FF at the time, so it didn't really fill the void.  Maybe I will have to give it another chance.

Good news!
I really liked the athmosphere, music and look. Glad to see it getting some attention. A new cc would be nice, hopefully this does well and they do one. Best would a mix of this and the two ds games, with a good story like the first ds game and the complexity of the second one mixed with the overall feel of the gc one. And with better magic system.

i remember really disliking the gcn game

I'm not sure Crystal Chronicles is something I'd want to play again. Playing co-op on the Gamecube was clunky as hell but even if online fixes that it's still a very shallow game that soon becomes really repetitive, especially once you begin to revisit already completed areas. And constantly having to carry around that contraption that protects you from miasma was super-meh.

Give me Terranigma instead, Squeenix. Or a remaster of Crono Chross. Or a Switch version of FFXIIHD.

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Kinda cool and kinda not.
Always liked to play this game despite it being an ok game, but the gimmick with multiplayer was really annoying.

Hopefully online multiplayer with drop in, drop out feature too.

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