The first console videogame I remember playing at home was...

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The first console I played on was the...

Intellivision/Atari 2600/Magnavox Odyssey 26 31.33%
NES 23 27.71%
Sega Master System 1 1.20%
Sega Genesis 4 4.82%
Super Nintendo 4 4.82%
Playstation 1 6 7.23%
N64 5 6.02%
PS2 1 1.20%
Xbox 2 2.41%
Dang...there's only 9 options, I pick other! 11 13.25%

Pac-Man, on the Atari 2600. Before they simplified the game board.

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This poll certainly doesn't skew quite like I thought it would. I know there are a number of younger users on this site and I would have expected them to have played PS1/2 and Xbox games first. It's interesting that the first few generations of gaming are still the origin story for so many gamers. It's either that or so many want to claim they have true heritage in their gaming genes. I'm surprised so many NES machines and Atari 2600 systems have survived the decades long enough for everyone to continue using these as their first systems.

Super Mario Bros + Duck Hunt on the OG NES

Sonic 1 on the SEGA Mega Drive.

My first game ever played was on a ZX Spectrum. A proper console however is hard to tell. I can certainly remember playing Super Mario Bros. I think if I think back hard enough, it must have been Popeye on the NES.

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It was either the Sega Genesis or the SNES. I was five years old.

The first console I had at home was the NES, and the first game I played on it was most likely Super Mario Bros., although it's possible that it could have also been either Tetris or Nintendo World Cup, since I had a cartridge with all three games on it. Still it was most likely Mario.

mario bros on nes, played like hell this game

Super Mario World on SNES.

Super Mario 64

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