Super Smash Bros Ultimate 1st Year (Dec only) SHIP+DIGITIAL WW Predictions!

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[WW] 9.86 mil

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Slarvax said:
mZuzek said:
I guess 7.5m worldwide. I hope I'm lowballing, but that already feels like a crazy number for 4 weeks.

December is 5 weeks! At least on NPD. Maybe not by Nintendo's own tracking.

Weeks are 7 days long, though, and Smash Ultimate releases on December 7th. It's 4 weeks from December 7th to January 4th.

I'll say maybe a good 7M with a +/- margin error of a million.

Although I do think first week sales might brush against the 4M mark

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Meanwhile in Smash Bros ...

Shipped id say 8 millions
But sold i would go for 7.2 (including digital) and lime 6.7 physical.

Think people are overestimating things a bit. Since the Gamecube, Smash has sold almost exactly the same as the 3D Mario game each generation (the biggest disparity being Melee selling only about 800,000 more units than Mario Sunshine).  I'll give it a bit of a boost since it'll be right there at Christmas, Switch currently has a larger user base, and I think Smash is somewhat more frontloaded and Mario more evergreen.

I'll give it a 5.8 million prediction and hope I'm wrong.

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13 mil

Over 10m.

This Smash has way more hype than any other Smash game and it’s being released the month where most game purchases are made. If it wasn’t releasing in December I’d probably say around 7m like Odyssey did.

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A clean 7.0m.

I think expecting it to smash Smash’s previous numbers is a safe bet, but expecting it to smash Smash’s, or get near Smash’s previous record in just 4 weeks is too much.

6-8m shipped.

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[NoA] 4.8mil

[Jap] 2.1mil

[Euro] 3.1mil

[RoW] 1.1mil

[WW] 11.1mil