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Going through most of what I have atm:
(SP=single-player; MP=multi-player, where these aren't used, only rating for SP)
Game (Genre): Rating; from best to worst

Overcooked (Cooking Action): SP: 3/5; MP: 5/5
Puyo Puyo Tetris (Puzzle): SP: 5/5; MP: 5/5
Overcooked 2 (Cooking Action): SP: 3/5; MP: 5/5
Golf Story (Golf RPG): 5/5
Cat Quest (Action RPG): 5/5
Yodanji (Roguelite; Survival RPG): 5/5
Okami (Adventure): 5/5
Unholy Heights (Tower Defense; Management Sim): 3/5
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove: 3/5
Quest of Dungeons (Roguelite): 3/5
Ambition of the Slimes (Tactical SRPG): 3/5
Pokemon Quest (Freemium 'RPG'): 1/5
Shaq-Fu (Beat-em-up): 1/5
Snipperclips (Puzzle): SP: 1/5 MP: 1/5
NBA Playgrounds (Basketball): 1/5

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RingoGaSuki said:

Overcooked (Cooking Action): SP: 3/5; MP: 5/5
Overcooked 2 (Cooking Action): SP: 3/5; MP: 5/5

What makes it the same score in SP for Overcooked and Overcooked 2? I wanted to buy the first one but then the other released

nero said:
RingoGaSuki said:

Overcooked (Cooking Action): SP: 3/5; MP: 5/5
Overcooked 2 (Cooking Action): SP: 3/5; MP: 5/5

What makes it the same score in SP for Overcooked and Overcooked 2? I wanted to buy the first one but then the other released

The SP in 2 is better, (I'd put Overcooked at a 2.5 and Overcooked 2 at a 3.25; just trying to stick with the whole numbering of the thread). In Overcooked SP, you're just constantly switching between two chefs to juggle tasks, in 2 it's the same, but made more manageable with the added ability to throw things and more achievable goals. I'd go straight for 2 if you've never played before and only intend to play SP, they're both great though.

I will only give this a multiplayer score because I never played it alone, always with someone or online.
Nine Parchment: 4/5 (multiplayer)

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Is overcooked allowed? I thought it has a physical copy?

Pocky Lover Boy! 

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nero said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

Updated until here

If possible please state the genre too when posting the games, makes my job easier here

Speaking of making easier, is there a way to automatically get a color depending on the score I input?

Yes, in excel with conditions for each cells. Don't know if here in the post can do it automatically. Would be great also if there is an average for games that have been scored more than once. To add also a column with the quantity of user who have scored them. Imo I'd remove the '/5' as you stated in the op, that's the top score. This mightbecome a great list for someone who wants to buy A's games. Great job!

Well I don't have Excel (I'm using Libre Office, and exporting from there doesn't always seem to work well), which makes this a bit more difficult.

I can add a column with the number of reviews, no problem. I was already thinking about it myself to be fair to keep track of all the ratings later on. I'll keep those /5 for latecomers who might just skim over the OP just to be sure.

super_etecoon said:
Thanks for making this thread. There are so, so many games on the EShop. It's great to see a comprehensive list here to keep up with the great ones. Would be cool if there were another post made that listed the games from 5/5 scores to 1/5 scores in addition to the ABC order presented.

I can definitely attest to many of those 5/5 scores, including for Axiom Verge, Shovel Knight, and Stardew Valley. Hollow Knight is next on my list and Golf Story keeps showing up on my list for its amazing review scores.

Didn't think about that, but I agree. I'll see what I can do

SuperNova said:

Steam Word Dig

(Action Adventure Platformer)


Steam World Dig is a fantastic little game, that almost flawlessly marries platforming, exploration, resource mining and an RPG-like progression system with a charming World full of wacky characters, storytelling that keeps you invested, a wonderful artstyle and a huge dose of humor.



Steam World Dig 2       

(Action Adventure Platformer, Metroidvania)


Steam World Dig 2 improves on Steam World Dig in every possible way. The World is more tightly designed (mostly due to the developers ditching the randomly generated areas) allowing for true Metroidvania style exploration and a much bigger and more interestig world map.

The environmental design is fantastic, providing the player not only with new challenges with each new area, but also with memorable art design that really helps driving the looming atmosphere of doom, wich lurks in every corner of the game, home.

Character upgrades are fully unique from the last game in the series and feel lighter and more fun this time around.

The Story and characters, while just as lovable as the sequels are more intriguing now. The games story ups the stakes, dealing with slightly more serious issues and allowing itself to dive into darker territory while never loosing sight of the series trademark humor.



That's it for now, since I haven't really finished anything else (Although I'm close on several). I already know that I love Golf Story, Steam World Heist, Blossom Tales and others, but I feel like it's not fair to rate them if I haven't finished them.

My....uh...'reviews' are more like quick cover blurbs, but I don't think I have the patience to write an in-deph review, so I tried to get the essence across.


Edit: I finished Shovel Knight and that gets a 5/5 from me too, but I sort of wanted to finish the whole treasure trove before rating it.

Ahh, some reviews to link to. Don't worry, it's just similar enough to the summary at the end of most reviews which I think is what most people just read anyway.

Paatar said:
Does OT mean indies without a physical release and just a release on the eShop? Or can we include ones with physical releases? (For example, Oceanhorn got a physical through Limited Run BUT isn't limited run since it was an open preorder, similar to how they will be handling Yooka-Laylee too.)

Here's my list. I won't be adding in all the indies I have, just some.

Morphie's Law - 4/5, Shooter - (no story mode, just multiplayer)
Earthlock - 4/5, Turn based RPG
Tanzia - 4/5, Single player adventure, built in MMO style.
Radiation Island - 3/5, Single player survival adventure.
Manticore Galaxy on Fire - 4/5, Single player space shooter.
Mulaka - 4/5. Singe player adventure.
Fe - 5/5, Single player adventure/puzzle.
Implosion - 3/5, Single player action.
Morphite - 4/5, Single player adventure.
Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas - 4/5, Single player adventure/puzzle.
PixelJunk Monsters 2 - 5/5, Single player strategy, tower defense.
Disco Dodgeball Remix - 3/5, multiplayer shooter.
Eternal Edge - 4/5, Single player adventure.
Disc Jam - 4/5, Multiplayer sportsish.
Poi: Explorer Edition - 4/5, Single player 3D Platformer.
Riptide Renegade - 3/5 for single player, 4/5 for multiplayer, Racing.
Flip Wars - 4/5. Multiplayer party game.

Limited physical releases are fine. Even though they got some physical version doesn't mean that they're no indies anymore.

Question about the 3 bolded games, are they multiplayer-only like Morphies Law?

I will update until this point and see what I can do about the sorted listing and rating totals. Thanks again for your suggestions

Jranation said:
Is overcooked allowed? I thought it has a physical copy?

It is allowed. It gets pushed by Nintendo, but it's still an Indie title

Here we go:

Stardew Valley - 5/5
Steamworld Dig 2 - 5/5
Shovel Knight - 4/5
Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon - 4/5
Hollow Knight - 5/5
Blossom Tales - 4/5
Rocket League - SP: 3/5; MP: 4/5
Golf Story - 5/5
Pinball FX 3 - 4/5
Stern Pinball Arcade - 1/5
Kitten Squad - 1/5

I also have Fortnite and Minecraft but didn't rate as they are super popular and I feel they aren't in the spirit of this post.


Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap: 3/5
Hollow Knight: 5/5

Got a new one today from the Direct, a few hours in now and I like it.

Into the Breach (SRPG): 4/5