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Over the years, I've met a lot of friends and acquaintances through internet boards and communities, and, in most cases, I don't really get to know the person behind the other screen as well as I should have. I can think of a lot of times where old friends will simply stop responding, and I make myself assume the best, since I have no real way to know the full story of the person I had been talking to. Hearing stories like this one really drives home how each and everyone of us isn't just a funny gaming or anime icon on an internet board, we're all real people with our strengths, weakness, victories, and struggles.

I didn't get the chance to interact with Nymeria very closely, but from what I had seen of her in passing, she was a warm person to everyone around her, and I can't think of a single time she slighted anyone. It's an absolute tragedy to hear about this, and I wish her family and close friends healing during this time. I don't know what your beliefs are, but I personally believe she's in a better place. Rest in peace.

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from what i saw she was a great poster, very friendly and civil to everyone she conversed with, its definitely a sad thing to hear the she's passed

Poor bubs. So young and its just not fair. Although I have had little or no interaction with Nymeria, I have seen a few of her posts and one thing that always stood out was the level of maturity, fairness and calmness in her posts. Very sorry to hear this and thoughts go out to Augen and loved ones. RIP.

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Rest in peace, Nymeria.

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This deeply saddens me to hear. Very rarely spoke with her but she seemed like a cool, kind, and genuine person with a great attitude. Always seems to happen to the good souls of the world :(

I will definitely take those last words of hers here to heart..

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This is truly unfortunate. My best wishes to her friends and family.

I never really interacted with her, but she always looked like a positive presence in her posts, and I'm sad to see her go. Nobody should have to leave this world that early, it's a terrible thing to see. Condolences to her family, and I wish them all the best.

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No way thats so sad 😥

So so sad :( I honestly didn't know her or interact with her in anyway,but from everyone's reaction to this and how others have talked about her, she seemed like a wonderful and caring person. I wish Augen and their whole family to be strong in this situation.

I've never interacted with her. Didn't know anything about her health problems or her connection to Augen who was one of the best guys around here, so this came as a shock.

She seemed like such a mature, kind, outgoing, and level headed person. Beautiful inside and out. I know she's in peace now but I can imagine how painful it must be to Augen and her family. Goddammit.