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I remember Nymeria.

The ripple effect is deeply felt all across.

Incredible loss.
Strong willed.
Amazing character.

And much too soon...

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im not familiar with her, but sad to hear

COKTOE said:
Mr_No said:

I don't remember directly talking to Nymeria before, but her presence on this site has always been friendly and amicable with whoever she interacted with, which is the biggest memory I have of her.

I am really sorry, Azuren, for your and your families' loss too.

Her husband is Augen.

Oh boy. I messed up something I really, really didn't want to.

I'm sorry.

Never talked to her, but the only way everyone should die is of old age.

My symphaties go to the family, and that she may be at peace, wherever she are.

My condolences, she was a well liked and respected member of this site so it's quite upsetting to hear what happened.

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Mr_No said:
COKTOE said:

Her husband is Augen.

Oh boy. I messed up something I really, really didn't want to.

I'm sorry.

It was an honest mistake. Don't stress about it.

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This is horrible news. I don't think I ever had a conversation with her but it's always sad when people go young.

Sorry to hear about there loss, wishing the family all the best. RIP.

This is the first I've heard of any of this news! Wow. That's horrible!

I've had but a handful of opportunities to speak with Nymeria over my stay so far, but each of those was a delight because she was such a considerate person who took everyone's view into account with sincerity and understanding. I got the sense that she was a deeply unselfish and caring person. I know for a fact that she made the conversations that we were both involved in more civil and enjoyable. She also seemed like a very independent person, which I thought was very cool. We may not have had the chance to become close friends, but I'm definitely going to miss her.

BraLoD said:

I remember a thread about a guy that had an avatar that was a pikachu with a cap which had supposedly also passed away some years ago, but I've personally not had contact with him as he was an old member.

But damn, I can't believe it, I remember her thread, but she had always seemed very energetic and full of life, it's such a shame...
Augen have also always seemed like a good guy, I'm sorry for his loss.

Nintendogamer :(


This is very sad.  My condolences to Augen and his family.