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What will be the final Metacritic score Average?

>94 14 9.66%
90-94 48 33.10%
85-89 68 46.90%
80-84 13 8.97%
75-79 0 0.00%
70-74 2 1.38%
<70 0 0.00%

Im gonna lowball this one and say arroung 150, maybe 159 but honestly i doubt its gonna be that good, so i will stay just at 150.

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Going for 90.

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95 Lets get it Insomniac games you were meant for this.

Guys, you need like 40 tens in order to have a 94> metacritic score.

I think around 85

I'm going to say 85 or so is what it will end at

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I predict a 92. Previews seem promising.

Spiderman will be huge! Didn't Insomniac say this is their biggest project ever?

Edit: After some thinking I think it'll be closer to 92 than 94.  


4 ≈ One

Mata around 90-94, my two cents.

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I will guess around 89.

My prediction is 85. I think it will be a pretty good game and may do reasonably well (both critically and financially) but i dont think it will do above the mid-80s or reach the heights of say Batman Arkham City. While it has some good features with the traversal and villains, I haven't seen enough innovation yet to say that it reaches the top tier level of games.