Any members from 06 - 09 still post here?

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shakarak said:
I'm still here, although I never posted consistently enough to gain any notoriety. I agree the passage of time is very depressing.

I very clearly remember your avatar though. 

And I do post, just not as often. Mostly keep to my handful of threads.

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never posted much. Lurk here every day, though.

There are still a few of us on here from the 06 to 09 era. Those were the golden days of the epic 7th generation console wars.

I do.

But modern gaming kinda sucks so I don't have much to talk about.


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Yeah. Still kicking.

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I mostly just browse, but I post here and there.

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My old account is from before the Wii. Was here for the name reveal, Nintendo ON rumors, unveiling and the build up. I think for the DS blue ocean launch too. Been a while. Prior to that I was a gamesite editor at another source.

I still post from time to time, but most conversations and topics bore me.

Doesn’t help that everything devolve into politics. Because, god forbid, people have to be labeled one way or another for thinking or feeling certain ways.

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I rarely post. I think the 7th gen wars had everyone fighting corners and there was a lot more to talk about. This gen has been very one sided which is probably why I'm not as active. Or maybe I'm older and just can't be bothered anymore with debating.

I don't remember names as much as I remember their avatars.

Someone with a:

Old Michael Jackson avatar
Cat with a melon hat on its head
Captain T Kirk

Those are the only ones I can think at the moment lol

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