Sony first Party games sales, A huge leap from PS3 era. ( Entered Ninty Level ) Update: GOW at 10m & Uncharted 4 16M

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outlawauron said:
VideoGameAccountant said:
Two things I want to point out. The 16 million for Uncharted 4 should probably be removed as it's VERY dubious. Sony's official information only has the game at 8.7 million after 266 days after launch. Sony does update other games that keep selling. Horizon shows up through 672 days with 10 million. We're saying the game doubled in sales and sold another 8 million a year after it came out? Maybe it's all bundles but I'd say that it's probably closer to 8, not 16.
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On the sales, one thing to keep in mind is that all of these titles are releasing late into the system's life, after the system already has a large install base. In other words, they didn't move the system, more likely the system moved them. It seems more like 3rd party games pushed the system and then Sony's first party games road the wave thereafter. Fun fact, Bloodborn, released in 2015, has only sold 1 million according to Sony. We'll get a better idea when Gen 9 gets moving into high gear if their first party line up is really moving units or if the rising tide lifted all boats.

What kind of logic is this? Is the concept of a non-Nintendo/GTA game having legs or being an evergreen completely unfathomable?

The quality of Sony's first party has lead to it having its own evergreens. That's a good thing.

No where did I mention evergreen so I'm not sure where you are getting that from. Think you missed what I was saying.

A lot of these big titles people are pointing to are ones coming out later into the systems life after the install base had been made. Contrast this to Nintendo's titles which both sell the system and are seeing strong software numbers (and beating out Sony's). The reason Generation 9 is the judge is because we need to see if these games are really pushing hardware. Will Sony's first party line push the PS5 to success. That is the judge if they can say if they "Entered Ninty level." 

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CuCabeludo said:

Amazed how game development have slowed down on sony's studios. 3 Uncharted games on PS3 + TLOU, against one Uncharted and TLOU 2 has no release date. Not only ND, overall 1st party games have been taking more time to get ready than the previous generation.

I mean, if you actually bothered to consider why this is the case, you'd discover it's nothing to be amazed at.

TloU released months before PS4 launched. It would obviously be some time before they would get a PS4 game out.

Post PS4 launch they released:

TloU Left Behind, TloU Remaster, UC4 (troubled development so a lot of work was redone), Lost Legacy and then the upcoming TLoU2.

Keep i mind that there are 5.5 years from UC1's release to TloU's. When TloU2 launches next year there would have only been 3 years from UC4. 4.5 from TLoU remasterered.

Their output is pretty much on par with last gen, and would have been equal, and perhaps better, if not for UC4 having problems.

as for the rest of the studios, SuckerPunch are 3 - 3 from PS3 to PS4. GG is 2 - 2. MM are 2 - 2. Santa Monica are 2 - 1 (games developed by themselves) but they also suffered development problems on a major game that was cancelled. So that is not unexpected.

This idea that Sony output this gen has dropped is so bizarre. It is not nearly as drastic as some ppl make it out to be. 

It would be nice to see a UFO game like Death Stranding doing that kind of numbers. ^_^

sony invest more money for their games than nintendo/microsoft. in the last 7 years. its not easy, a fantastic story with amazing gameplay and new interesting characters for one game + all the details and graphic - thats why, more time for games : ) @CuCabeludo

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