Sony first Party games sales, A huge leap from PS3 era. ( Entered Ninty Level ) Update: GOW at 10m & Uncharted 4 16M

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dx11332sega said:

Isn't uncharted 4 and last of us both 20 dollars while mario kart 8 is still 60 dollars these last 2 years?

But GOW and spiderman are doing great though


Besides, you'd have to do that for every game bundled or discounted, which is unrealistic.


RolStoppable said:
DonFerrari said:
Only thing I don't understand on this discussion is why people are confusing "entering the level" with surpassing.

The OP and thread only means, that after 4 gens Sony have been consistently putting out games that sell on levels that Nintendo have been doing for a very long time. in PS1-PS3 you would only expect GT to cross 10M, but then Uncharted and TLOU appeared and got near it still on PS3. But just this gen we have come to a situation that a Sony IP can be expected to cross 10M, instead of just acting surprise it crossed 5M.

Has there been anyone who confused entering the level with surpassing?

The problem is on the people who think that crossing 10m with a few games puts Sony on the same level as Nintendo who have had several IPs surpassing the 20m mark in the past and Switch allows Nintendo to do that again after a botched generation with the Wii U and 3DS. When 10m is considered a different level than 5m, then 15m constitutes a different level than 10m, and 20m is a different level than 15m, and so on.

For console sales, you wouldn't make some arbitrary rule where everything above 50m should be considered the same level either. You'd insist that there's still a clear difference between 50m and 100m, for example.

About the only agreement I can see being reached for the topic at hand is that time should be the judge, so this thread can be bumped whenever new sales information gets released and somebody cares enough to post an update.

Sure Rol,

So now any Nintendo game that doesn't sell 20M I'll consider to not be at Nintendo level... we can really reduce a lot the games of Nintendo level on their platforms...

Also we can say that Wii didn't get to Sony level of HW sales because even though it is near to what PS1 got and higher than PS3 it is much lower than PS2 or PS4.

Or we can say that Nintendo HW doesn't sell SW at comparable rates that Xbox and Playstation do because it doesn't reach about 12 SW per HW.

You know you were just trying to downplay it.

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VideoGameAccountant said:
Two things I want to point out. The 16 million for Uncharted 4 should probably be removed as it's VERY dubious. Sony's official information only has the game at 8.7 million after 266 days after launch. Sony does update other games that keep selling. Horizon shows up through 672 days with 10 million. We're saying the game doubled in sales and sold another 8 million a year after it came out? Maybe it's all bundels but I'd say that it's probably closer to 8, not 16.
See pg 9

On the sales, one thing to keep in mind is that all of these titles are releasing late into the system's life, after the system already has a large install base. In other words, they didn't move the system, more likely the system moved them. It seems more like 3rd party games pushed the system and then Sony's first party games road the wave thereafter. Fun fact, Bloodborn, released in 2015, has only sold 1 million according to Sony. We'll get a better idea when Gen 9 gets moving into high gear if their first party line up is really moving units or if the rising tide lifted all boats.

What kind of logic is this? Is the concept of a non-Nintendo/GTA game having legs or being an evergreen completely unfathomable?

The quality of Sony's first party has lead to it having its own evergreens. That's a good thing.

any new Spiderman sales ?

Death Stranding is Day 1 in november

Death Stranding PS4-Release: November 8! TLOU2 + FF7Remake =First 2020 Quarter

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KazumaKiryu said:
any new Spiderman sales ?

Last update had it crossing 9 million back in January.

Using the leaked trophy data, gamstat calculated its player base to be nearly 17 million back in May (though of course player base doesn't translate to sales).

KazumaKiryu said:
any new Spiderman sales ?

Death Stranding is Day 1 in november

We might get an update in July with Sony's Q1 report hopefully. 

Thanks for the infos! @Noctis + Replicant

Death Stranding PS4-Release: November 8! TLOU2 + FF7Remake =First 2020 Quarter

My personal bet is that Spiderman will reach 20M faster than Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Amazed how game development have slowed down on sony's studios. 3 Uncharted games on PS3 + TLOU, against one Uncharted and TLOU 2 has no release date. Not only ND, overall 1st party games have been taking more time to get ready than the previous generation.