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Zelda has a thing with toilets.

EDIT: ninja’d on MM’s toilet

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SanAndreasX said:

One of the first instances I can remember of an interactive toilet in a mainstream console video game.

Dammit, you took mine!


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Pretty much almost every house in Final Fantasy 7 had a toilet, it's something they really have to buckle down on in the remake.

It's kind of hard to top Bethesda in this category.  I'm pretty sure they have someone with the job description of "making bathrooms more entertaining."

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I'm too lazy to look for an image, but I remember Duke Nukem 3D had toilets you can sorta use. Though it was so old it was basically just a picture on the wall you could walk up to and use to make the character talk. He would say something like: Ah...much better. I thought it was the funniest thing as a kid.

Also I always put a toilet in my house in Animal Crossing. Imaginatioooooon.

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Maybe not directly toilets but Duke Nukem and MGS1 had some good scenes around toilets.


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