Are you getting Soul Calibur 6 or Dead or Alive 6 (or both/neither)?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are you getting Soul Calibur 6 or Dead or Alive 6 (or both/neither)?

Which upcoming fighter(s), if any, are you going to pick up?

Buying SC6, not buying DOA6 14 24.56%
Buying SC6 and possibly DOA6 8 14.04%
Buying DOA6, not buying SC6 2 3.51%
Buying DOA6 and possibly SC6 4 7.02%
Both 9 15.79%
Neither 20 35.09%
OdinHades said:
I'll get DoA 6 for sure. It's my favourite beat em up series! Don't care too much about the looks of the characters. Don't get me wrong, I love Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 (especially in VR!) but when it comes to the main series, gameplay is all that matters to me.

The fan service is the one thing that sets it apart from other fighters, though. Take it away and it's basically just a faster-paced Virtua Fighter (they literally both use a lot of the same assets and mechanics), it would be like MK removing the gore and fatalities.

I see it just like I see the Hooters analogy: there's plenty of restaurants with good food, not a lot of Hooters', though. If they one day decided to ban attractive scantily-clad waitresses, you better believe they'd lose a lot of customers. Shimbori can't be saying stuff like this while promoting a new game in a series made famous for the things he's slurring in said interviews and expect there to not be blowback from longtime fans of the series.

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Anyone else think the anti-SJW people are just as bad as the SJW people when it comes to manufactured outrage? They're like mirror images of one another.

Anyway, both series have been up and down. Both have given us some of the best fighting games in the history of the genre but both have also given us completely forgettable entries, as well. I could see myself buying both but I could also see myself buying neither. It's going to depend on what I read and see leading up to release.

Mainly, it's going to depend on effort and quality. The last Soul Calibur, for example, came across as a cheap cash-in attempt. I don't really care that much about the fan service thing as long as they're true to the characters.

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Soul Cali.

I like both franchises but i really didn't like the direction neither was going in 5. But considering how Namco Bandai handles Tekken 7 and DBFZ i will 100% get SC6. Will reserve judgment for DOA6 since if they go the $1000+ DLC route again, i am out.

Soul Calibur with its character creator is almost as much if not more fanservice than DOA so they already have that covered.

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Neither. I honestly got tired of fighting games about 12-13 years ago, and haven't had the urge to play one since.

Tiny chance of SoulCalibur, which would be a tiny bit higher if it released on Switch. No chance of Dead or Alive. I think the last game of that series I've played was on PS1...

Maybe Soul Calibur 6 sometime in the future.

SC6 if there's good stories or a strong SP mode. Otherwise, neither.

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I'm definitely interested in Soul Calibur 6. I've been wanting to get back into the SC series for a while. Haven't really played it much since SC2 and SC3.
I will get it at some point. Possibly right away. Especially if they add Viola.

As for DOA 6, maybe, but probably not. I had DOA5 but didn't end up playing it much. I'll see what kind of changes they bring to the game this time around.

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