June 2018 NPD: PS4 #1 console, Mario Tennis Aces #1 software

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Haha on NES Classic taking the top spot. Goes to show that old classics die hard. Great games will always be great games.. I'm more than happy with my SNES classic, as that is more my era of consoles, and the controller is absolute perfection, but nice to see. Now where are my N64 and Cube classics??

Also surprising that Mario Tennis took the number one spot in terms of games. Maybe this means someone will buy my copy on Amazon finally, dammit!

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PortisheadBiscuit said:
Kerotan said:

Jesus I hope not. I don't want Sony doing a cash grab  

You mean like locking people out of their Epic accounts? Lol

No I mean like Sony releasing a completely separate console when their current one could play the games. That would be so bad having to switch console instead of playing them all on the one machine. 

So no leaked numbers yet.

gemini_d@rk said:
Now ps4 has 5 Npds of 6 in 2018.

I understand the NES Mini won June NPD...

This sucks without any numbers. If something crops up, someone message me please. I'm not here as often as I used to be.

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If you'd asked me after the Wii U Mario Tennis game I'd have pretty much declared the "Mario Sports" games dead in the water... generally I just have no interest in sports games that don't feature real players or teams.

It's definitely fun though, happy to be wrong :)

Damn, so I guess we ain't getting numbers then?

No numbers ? No fun.

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Mario tennis topping npd is crazy.

animegaming said:
Oh shit my boy Spidey is doing better in pre-orders then God of War.


Its a forgone conclusion that Sony has a lot of stock behind this one. If they are expecting this game to help the PS4 pass 100 million, I suspect we will see Slim models flood the system next.  Or at least pack-ins bundles.