Japan sales (Week 29) Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki - July 16-22, 2018

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I think Amazon Prime day did wonders for PS4 hw and D:BH

Evergreens continue to sell crazy amounts for the Switch, better hold than expected for OT considering the severe lack of stock. Nice for Taiko.

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Considering what has happen to stock in Japan, there's no surprise looking at Octopath.

Great week for Ninty otherwise, oh yeah !

And 5-6 weeks for Kirby to obtain the 600K milestone !

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Looking forward to seeing how the monster Hunter ps4 bundle effects sales next week. And the week after the game by itself gets a price cut at retail and digital. Also interested to see if it returns to the chart.


Nintendo said they expect Labo to have consistent sales over a long period of time, and so far have been proven correct.

Switch software also start dominating charts, in top 12 there are 10 Switch games, Labo back in top 15,
its nice to see Switch still 50k+.

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Not much going on this week. Market does look a bit healthier than it did a few weeks ago.

I am curious about Octopath's digital numbers, because I expected more this week considering the supply issues.

Nintendo taking over Japan!

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This week marks the highest week of 2018 for the SW excluding first week

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Switch just dominating everything

Splatoon at this point looks like it will outsell DQXI combined in Japan.