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pitzy272 said:
Why streaming-only instead of digital-only? What are the pros, other than not allowing people to own their content?

The pro for consumers is that it would cost alot less than the standard Xbox 4. A digital only device would cost alot more, because it would have to the exact same hardware as the disc-drive model sans the disc drive. As such, they could only afford to shave maybe $30 off the price, probably even less than that since you can buy PC blu-ray drives in bulk for like $20 nowadays. 

By going this route they most likely only need the same CPU as the standard Xbox 4, GPU stuff is all streamed, so they can get by with a very weak GPU on the streaming box and less memory (since more than 50% of a console's shared memory pool is used for the GPU) for OS purposes. So, since the streaming box would have less memory and a weak GPU, they can shave alot more off the price, they will most likely be able to sell it for $200 on release, maybe even less if they are willing to sell at a loss in an effort to get as many people paying a monthly fee for the streaming service as possible.

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DirtyP2002 said:
thismeintiel said:
Boy, do I see a rocky launch. Two devices with incredibly different prices, but both say XB2, while there's only one PS5, which will probably be priced in between them (I see the streaming device launching for $199 and the console for $499.) My guess is parents will either go with the simple PS5 option, or buy the cheap XB2, thinking that they got a deal. Of course, for the latter, once low/middle class parents realize that they brought in a data monster and are tied to the Xbox Store, instead of being able to pick up cheaper games on Amazon/Walmart, I don't think they'll be too happy with the purchase.

conclusion: MS will finally drop Xbox?


Im interested in a streaming console for a cheap price. Could be for the kids or the bedroom. Has to play way better than PSNow did when I tried it. No thanks to that. 

Pemalite said:
Mar1217 said:

But since the streaming box is probably made with budget sensitive people in mind. You would  think that most of them don't have the bugdet for neither the traditional version or good internet and data cap which is necessary for the streaming box.

Then buy a last gen console or wait for prices to drop.

That's sound a lot like something Don Mattrick would say.

"Fortunately we have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity, it's called Xbox 360."

That didn't work out well for him or the XB1, did it?

Really, what's the market for this thing? People that can afford a traditional next gen console and good internet, but don't want to deal with physical copies and external hard drives, thus also not owning the games? That seems incredibly niche to me.

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