Do you most of your money on clothes or videogames?

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Do you spend more on clothes than games this year?

Yes 11 23.91%
No 35 76.09%

The last few years? Video games. I don't but many clothes anymore, and what I do but laaaaasts. I'm my last profile pic, ( not this one, the one before it ) I was wearing a Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow T I got as a pre-order bonus in 2003. It looks brand new to this day. I take care of my stuff, so clothes lasting a ridiculously long time is the norm. As the clothes kept accumulating, the need ,and desire, to buy more decreased. I bought a 2 new shirts, new pants, one pair of shoes, some socks, underwear and pajamas last year.

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I wear my video game purchases.

I'm a cheap person...
So I buy most of my clothe and games used.
Let's see... about 5 Polo Shirts and 1 jeans pants per year - 100 to 200 USD per year
Games ... 2 full priced and 10 big discounts - 220 per year.
I guess on average I expend about same amount on both.

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Mostly on games, but now I'm trying to save more. Thank goodness for Christmas lists. :)

Some days I just blow up.

Shoes and bras alone more than games. Throw in other clothes and it is not close.

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Games by far. Clothes last long for me, I don't have many excess clothes, and I'm pretty careful with how much money I spend on clothes. That said, I'm also fairly careful with how I spend money on games, but I still end up spending more on them.

Given how expensive clothes can be compared to games, then it's clothes.

Though i do spent at least 500 dollars a year on games.

Just bought another air jordans good thing I dont wear everything 1 color like a red berry or all blue clothes to look like a blue berry I just had to get these at mall there 119 dollars.I know I messed up by empting my pockets ugh ;/

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I definitely spend more money on clothes than on games or gaming equipment.
So far I haven't even spent close to 100€ for games in 2018, in the same time frame I spent almost 300€ for clothes.

I work on a well rounded wardrobe complete with a few nice suits and coats, but I don't shop habitually or anything. I'll spend good money on a piece or outfit that warrants it, but I've definitely spent more on my gaming hobby over the years.