Guild Wars 2 Writer Fired Over being a complete idiot on twitter, Gaming "press" defends her xD

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Im sorry for the people at these sites but I couldnt care if they closed down.

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I usually make a point of not involving myself or even keeping up with the politics of the industry. Why did I come out of my cave? I'm going back in there. It's too bright out here.

Chazore said:
Machiavellian said:
I believe the key to all of this is that social media, forums and other places where you can give your opinion is not your friend. Everyone can be an Ahole. It takes one bad day one bad facebook remark, one bad tweet you name it and next thing you know people are associating you with their company and firing you because you post your thoughts public. In the end, this is no different then the Roseanne Barr situation. Your words can cause you to lose your job so its best just to not respond especially if you are going to go on that negative route.

It is all thanks to the many fiasco's over the years that social media to me looks more of a double edged sword and a deadly weapon when used by either side.


The dev acted out of place, she got fired and that was that, but she said a few things and now Yong and many other tubers have taken arms to rally against her, while she rallies her own angry mob. Both sides fight for their own version of "justice", yet both sides are doing the same thing, fighting for one cause they believe is true, while also trying to validate their rallying together and the actions that occur afterward.

As much as I like Yong's content sometimes, I do find that he and other tubers are unknowingly becoming a core part of the problem. The bigger they become, the more power they have and the more power they have, the more they can often abuse it, and no one and I mean no one on this earth is completely immune to corruption or making bad decisions and actions. 

While Polygon and Kotaku have their power and their podium, so does Yong and Legacy. Both sides have their own form of power and are willing to abuse it in the name of "justice". Yong even claims "I hope this will be my last video on the subject", yet I can guarantee that he will make another video, because he wants more ramblings to ensue because it gives him more of a reason to ramble on and abuse his own form of power. he wants conflict just as much as that dev does (whether anyone disagrees or not). if he didn't want any form of conflict, he would have made one video, throw in his two cents and then be done with the subject.

I totally agree with this.  The thing is, I see a lot of people saying this was just that she got fired but I wonder if the same people would be the same if it was someone they liked.  Its a 2 edge sword as you say and once you agree with one firing of this type they you have to agree with any firing of this type.  So now anything you say if it becomes public is a cause for you to be fired.  Just stating it was a joke or said among friends is not enough.  As people crusade when this happens with someone they do not care about you know it will happen when its someone they do.  The Roseanne Barr situation is a perfect example as there were many who believe she should not have been fired but I believe those same people have a different opinion of this woman.

There seems to be a growing trend that makes it socially acceptable for people to act like complete assholes as long as they hold up the shield (whether fake or real) of "victimhood" or "oppression" as an excuse to do so. This is just the latest in a long line of recent examples of this exploitation. Though her firing maybe shows that people are beginning to catch on to this.. Hell, maybe this is beginning to turn the corner after all!

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Chazore said:
irstupid said:

To be fair, I believe most of Yong and others videos are in response or counter to the Kotaku/Ect's article.

They are seeing a completely one sided/bias article coming out and thus feel the need to further elaborate on the situation.

Don't get me wrong, it's completely up to Yong to go off against those two sites, but in doing so he just proves that both sides will willingly create themselves an angry mob to square off against one another. Neither side is correct to square off since both sides end up doing what they claim to fight against, and their form of justice is entirely subjective. Justice itself is subjective in general, as one can call for a beheading, while another can call that needlessly barbaric.

From what I'm seeing, one dev took things way out of proportion, but at the same time, her firing and then another dev's firing for simply siding with that other dev has created an imbalance. Now we're seeing one side getting riled up on purpose just to counter the other side in the name of justice, while the other fights for "social justice". Both sides are getting incredibly mad at one another and it's just becoming more of an eye for an eye at this point. 

She was fired and that should have honestly been it. Everyone should have ignored her insane ramblings and Twitter should have dealt with her since the comments she made about TB. Instead we've got Yong and co claiming they don't want to start something or carry it on, but they are willingly carrying it on because it gives them power, clicks and money. It's been such a long time since Yong actually focused on something positive in the industry, rather than negative and giving himself reasons to shout loudly and gathering an attention mob (which apparently seems to be the go to tactic to make money these days on youtube).

There are two factors in this case though that make users like Yong justified in responding and reacting; one being that the person in question was quite simply in the wrong and tried to start some sort of twitter crusade based on sexism accusations when it was in reality absolutely nothing. The other is that gaming press had already sided with the culprit in this case, something they would do unopposed unless youtubers and other influential figures responded. Videos we're seeing are mostly in response to the fact that gaming press are coming to Price's rescue, when they should be damning her volatile tone against the fanbase for absolutely no reason at all. The ones doing the victim blaming is Price herself and her helpers, in the gaming press.

Other than that, I agree with you completely. The firing of the other dude was more strange to me, he was just being ignorant. I think there might be more to this story than we know right now. If Price and her colleague have behaved like this for some time, and off of twitter, I can easily see why the company would want to let them go. Having idiots on the payroll can cost a company dearly, and this is hardly the first time a company fires someone for being stupid in their own spare time.

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irstupid said:
Aeolus451 said:

This will likely become a new gamergate if game media keeps backing her but they will easily lose because people are keeping track of everything being said or written. I hope Anita jumps on the sinking ship too.

Yea, but all it will take is one idiot to give our entire argument to look bad.

Take politics. You could have some conservatives arguing all proper and good with facts and articulated language. Then somebody comes in and says something like "Yea he is doing much better than that ape Obama." It's like great, now were all racists. Good job one random idiot out there.

Not really. She's been saying she's being harassed online over this and it's just digging her hole deeper. The whole thing went down on the net. It's forever. Her ex-employer made public comments explaining what happened. She's made even more comments doubling down. The disingenuous gaming media is backing her. No amount of internet trolls calling her a cunt bubble will make her appear right because her playing the victim and using her vagina as a shield is what started it all. The more gaming media, feminists and sjws that try to defend her the better. It's easier to set a dumpster fire to their credibility and careers that way.

Good riddance, sounds like a pain in the ass and the company was likely just looking for an excuse after the TB nonsense, that's a PR disaster right there, gets them brownie points for doing the right thing.

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HouseEorl said:
You are all grasping at straws at her character assassination. Stinks of gamergate. She has the right to an opinion too and Arenanet played censor by firing her. She should litigate on first amendment grounds. Corporations can't and don't have the power to silence individuals. Freedom of speech shall not be censored.

You can't believe this to be true? Even if you work for a company like Tesco or McDonalds you'll have signed a contract with them which includes a number of points about how you can be terminated from the contract for doing basically anything which could damage the companies image.

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It really boggles my mind that there are plenty of people over there who think that ArenaNet's actions were indefensible. Not to mention, all of the articles in that OP reported the incident from a very biased point of view.

shikamaru317 said:
Aeolus451 said:

But she's still brought in by video game companies as an consultant or guest, still a darling of media, still attacks video games/films/anime. I hope that she hops on board and destroys her career/credibility to the point that no one listens to her ever again.

You're in luck. 

Goody. She just can't help herself with something that can justify another discord server.