Former neo-Nazi says white supremacists use Fortnite to recruit kids

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Ka-pi96 said:
Not once have I been targeted for recruitment by extremists. I feel left out now

You need to make sure to get more headshots on people using particular skins... you know.... darker skins.


Also if you click your happiest dancing emote after those shots land, that'll get you recruited!


On topic though... ya know Fortnite players in general aren't known for being older in general, some are obviously but I think the game is more popular with younger audience, just makes me think what the outcome of this might be...

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You'd think that the media would wisen up but no......... they just can't help themselves with the net.

Breaking news: Ideological group tries to recruit people to their way of thinking on popular public platform.

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Ka-pi96 said:
RolStoppable said:

I don't think you've been left out. It's more that you aren't smart enough to realize how much you've been manipulated over the years.

White supremacy is a mechanism that has been built deep inside of you, Ka-pi. Is it really coincidence that you love polar bears and their white fur? Nope, that's the result of systemic brainwashing.

:O I never even thought of that!

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TheBird said:
This makes absolutely no sense. Racist groups like the "KKK" are completely different from ACTUAL terrorist groups like "ISIS" and "Al Quaeda". How the hell do you recruit people to be a neo nazi? It's either you were raised ignorant or you weren't, you can't just be recruited and turned into a racist instantly.

The KKK and the Neonazis are the same shit like those islamic terror groups. Change the name Mohammed with hitler and you cant find any difference. Both are hating jews and gays. Both violent. You can count the lefties also because they have shift from and anti vietman war peacefull group to a violent group with facist tendences. All extremist groups are the same. Just the leader is changing. All Bullshit. Including all religions mostly islam. No one needs religions anyomore.

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I'm pretty sure they use a lot of different popular places and services to recruit, so what is the point? Another of those reports that want to blame vg for violence?

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Still namedropping the GamerGate boogieman in 2018. These kinds of journalists should be ashamed of themselves, but I guess that's the problem to begin with. They have no shame.

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