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My vote goes to...

Super Mario Bros 9 6.98%
Super Mario World 10 7.75%
Mario 64 38 29.46%
Wii Sports 6 4.65%
Zelda Twilight Princess 5 3.88%
Zelda Breath of the Wild 60 46.51%
Other 1 0.78%

Zelda Breath of the Wild

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Mario 64, though Mario World is a decent runner up. Twilight Princess was a pretty great launch title too.

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BoTW. The sheer shock value of that made it too important to dismiss...

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    mario 64 or mario world... not sure if i could decide.


    Those of you that didn’t live through the launch of NES and SMB can’t truly appreciate it I guess. To imagine the experience, take BOTW, and then picture that every other game on the market is about 1/10 the size. No other open world games out there. Then imagine that you and everyone you know is so hyped about the new Zelda that 95% of people stop buying XBoxes, PS4s and even smart devices. The ONLY thing everyone wants is the Switch. NowTHAT, is a launch title.

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    BOTW easily not only one of the best games in history in the modern era but it also set the Switch on its way only SMB on NES really matches that as the other launch titles were good but didn't give their platforms the high momentum these games did.

    Breath of the Wild yes, but it's a cross gen game...

    Best launch line up is still the Gamecube's

    -Luigi's Mansion
    -Wave race
    -Pikmin just 2 weeks after
    -Smash Bros Melee also two weeks after

    Great third party games like :
    -Rogue Leader
    -Tony Hawk 3
    -Super Mario Sunshine
    -RE Rebirth
    -RE 0

    And I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of games. And that system got all the great and/or big third party IP like Prince of Persia, BGE, Call of Duty, FIFA, James Bond, Ghost Recon, BGE, Lord of the rings, madden, medal of honor, all the sports games from 2K and EA, Rayman, Resident Evil etc etc

    Seriously, I don't think Nintendo is ever going to top that

    My favorite to play is Breath of the Wild. Although objectively, the greatest title has to be the OG Super Mario Bros. It revived console gaming from the dead. It is the only game that can work miracles in the real world.

    Breath of the Wild. Not only their best launch title ever, but also the best game they ever made, which says rather a lot.

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    Super Mario Bros. Still fun after 3 decades.