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My vote goes to...

Super Mario Bros 9 6.98%
Super Mario World 10 7.75%
Mario 64 38 29.46%
Wii Sports 6 4.65%
Zelda Twilight Princess 5 3.88%
Zelda Breath of the Wild 60 46.51%
Other 1 0.78%

Super obvious 64

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In modern age Zelda Breath of the Wild offcourse, it had great effect on Switch succes.

Super Mario 64 is the only one in that poll that I'd consider worth owning/playing.

Of course there might be other great ones that were missed from the poll since I'm European and we usually get shafted when it comes to console launches so there was probably a lot more launch games for us than for those that got the console sooner.

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Breath of the Wild was a game so spectacular that during a period where it was the sole reason to buy a Switch, the system sold like hotcacks. That said, BotW takes it easily.

Mario 64 comes in at a close second however.

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Breath of the Wild for me, because I wasn't an infant when it was released and could actually enjoy it the day it released. Mario 64 is indeed revolutionary, but Breath of the Wild is a game I will never forget. It was the first time I'd bought my own console and games with my own money and the game itself is just so well made. I guess it's cheating because the game is really a Wii U game, but still.

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Probably super mario 64.It was the game that teached all other devs how to handle movement and camera placement in 3d.It doesn't matter what is your favourite 3d title today, it wouldn't be made without mario 64

I can't decide between BotW and Mario 64. I think my favorite game is BotW, but Mario 64 was completely revolutionary as a launch title.

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BotW. It's not only my favourite launch title, but also my favourite game in general.

While every game on the list is excellent in my book, I have to go with the popular vote and give top honours to BOTW, for reasons I've gushed about at length many times before.

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