A prolific dev apparently played Death Stranding and didn't like it.

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Without any more details it just seems like a good marketing move on ign.
Kinda pathetic actually.

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Understandably so. I don’t think Kojima has made a good game in over 20 years. My opinion of course...


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Faelco said:
jason1637 said:
From what they showed at E3 all you do in the game is walk so not surprised .

And since when are we supposed to rely on Kojima's trailers? 


Solid was a great MC in MGS2 and Moby Dick is an awesome studio responsible for The Phantom Pain, right ? 

This is like the third time the game has been shown by the third showing of other Kojima games I knew what the gameplay would be like. Death Stranding just looks like boring and I think it's going to be overhyped. 

I think this will likely be a mixed review game, some will love it and some hate it.  It will take more than one opinion to get a good idea on this one.

People just seem to be convinced it’s going to be an outstanding game because of Kojima. There’s nothing whatsoever that has said to me it’s going to be good but at the same nothing has said it’s going to be bad.
It wouldn’t suprise me if it got some mediocre reviews simply because of the stupidly high expectations.

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Sorry but I couldn't care less about this "profilic dev"

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So he didn't like it because it was "weird?" Fine by me. I love weird, so I'll be picking it up.

Drakrami said:

Kojima is a master. People will doubt him because they are shallow. Once the final product comes out, it'll be a gem for those of us who invests the time to play it. It is not Call of Duty, that's for sure.

All games play the same nowadays... Some times, it feels like, It's just FPS or open world with different skins. It is refreshing, and admirable for devs to try to create something new. These kind of criticism is unwanted and stupid. Would you rather have another FPS with new skins and story? 

kojima can make no wrongs? :P

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FentonCrackshell said:

Understandably so. I don’t think Kojima has made a good game in over 20 years. My opinion of course...

Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner launched 15 years ago, so you would be incorrect ;)

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ZODIARKrebirth said:
it's an opinion from one person from a unfinished project

Exactly. One person disliking an unfinished game is not exactly equal to a final review of the game.

This guy can hate the game and It can still be a great game that I would love.

Also this guy could have totally fell in love with this game and when it finally comes out I could totally hate that game.

The fact it may be an online game means I could end up not liking this game. Everything is possible.


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