Firmware 2.30 (new PS Store) hitting tomorrow!

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From PlayStation.com:


The PLAYSTATION®Network will be taken offline for a scheduled maintenance to our network during the following times:

Start: April 14, 2008, beginning at 8:00 a.m., Pacific Time
End: April 14, 2008, ending at 11:00 p.m., Pacific Time

During this time, the new PLAYSTATION®Store upgrade will be taking place.  As a result access to the PLAYSTATION Network will be restricted, including:

  • No access to the PLAYSTATION®Store

For information regarding the changes to the PLAYSTATION Store, please visit the PlayStation.Blog.

It is not anticipated that this will affect other PLAYSTATION Network services

Once the new PLAYSTATION Store upgrade is complete, a new system software version will be available for download.  This new system software must be installed before you may access the PLAYSTATION Network.

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Sweet. The new store looks awesome.

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Cool, I bet Home comes out a few days later or right after. ^_^

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Wonder if they will update the backward compability, my gran turismo 4 runs like shit on my 80gig.

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Will be interesting to see the changes.

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So it's out on Tuesday? I can't wait, very sad how excited I am for such a small addition.

Nice one!

Looking forward to being able to use the new store and also have access to the MGSO beta :D

The best idea for Sony was to base the store on the Singstore design, its great!

YoppaDo said:
So it's out on Tuesday? I can't wait, very sad how excited I am for such a small addition.

 it adds more than just the store check the news section 

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iclim4 said:
Cool, I bet Home comes out a few days later or right after. ^_^

 Doubtful, but man that would be sweet!

Just having in Game XMB would be great.

Either way all of the ramifications of these improvements will be magnified by the release of GTAIV.

So IMO Sony should try and release all they can before the 29th.  (and it looks like they are) 

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