PQube cancels Omega Labyrinth Z western release on PS due to disagreement with Sony over sexual content

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Good for them. Always nice to see devs not bowing down and censoring their games because some douche wants them to. They should stand by their game! It would be better if they still released their games elsewhere (Steam) though.

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Korvo_Attano said:

That gameplay though!!

I'm a believer. The artistic integrity of this game must be protected!

This is about sexualisation of minors so I fully understand Sony's stance. You'd have to be absolutely insane to put your brand image at stake for this kind of content.

Barkley said:
Nem said:

Also, why doesn't violence illicit the same response? We all know school shootings are a common occurrence. Have you never practiced Street fighter moves as a child? How is it different?

I'm not saying that violence in video games has no effect on the person playing, there's many studies and debates about that and people come to different conclusions, that's another discussion. But what I'm talking about is general responses to the content.

If you see something sexual on screen the general response for most people is Arousal, be it Movie, Game or Book. The response in real life to a sexual situation is also Arousal.

The response to violence in a Movie, Game or Book varies based on the person but for most they're just having fun, whereas if they are in a violent situation in real life there response is not "I'm having fun", the general response to violence is terror. This is the difference.

Sex on Screen - Aroused
Sex IRL - Aroused

Violence on screen - Fun
Violence IRL - Terror

It's instinctive that we're in danger in a real violent situation, whereas when it comes to sexual situations there is no danger (at least for the instigator) so the reaction to onscreen and real is the same with sex, but not with violence.

As Nem I really don't want to be seen as defending something I don't wanna defend (I already see posts here decrying defense of childporn). Still, I can't read this post without commenting.

First of all, you correctly state that studies are inconclusive about virtual violence causing real violence. But in no moment you even ask for studies showing that virtual sexualisation of children leads to child rape. I would say the scientific data is even sketchier on that.

But besides that you make a point about virtual violence is taken differently than virtual sex. Problem is: this is nothing natural, is something learned. If you look through movie history, violence didn't start out that explicit as it is today. Instead it slowly ramped up over decades. The viewing public was trained in watching this and the envelope of acceptable was slowly pushed outwards. Sex on screen though was always banned for religious reasons. Only these days the envelope is starting to slowly pushed about acceptable sexual content. And if you watch european movies, a lot more is possible than in american ones. So the differentiation you make between the two is really an artificial difference, created by movie history.

That said, sexualisation of children is always a special point. But you didn't talked about that, you spoke about sex on screen in general.

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Mnementh said:
xl-klaudkil said:
Boobs are bad, violence and mass shootings arr okr

That's the american way of life.

pokoko said:

The fuck you talking about?

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Hiku said: 

What you originally quoted me on was the cultural differences between Japan and some western countries, that contributed to the decision of this being released in Japan, but not the west. I would not rule out more conservative views on sexual content in general as a contributing factor. We've seen many cases over the years where even mature looking video game characters get a different treatment in the west.
However, I think the main difference here may lie in the different age of consent. In Japan it's generally lower than in many western countries.  Which means the characters can generally look a bit younger in Japan than in some western countries, and it would still be ok.

I'll link to the pictures rather than posting them to avoid spoilers for people who haven't played it. But it's in the Zero Escape series.
This character here is portrayed as rather childlike both in appearance and demeanor. https://i.imgur.com/74RnIx5.gif
Here's one of the several scenarios where you can find her lying in a pile of her own blood after being stabbed. https://i.imgur.com/raH6ucI.png

In another scenario, this other girl, who not only looks like a young child but is specifically stated to be 12 years old at the time, is burned alive inside of a giant incinerator.
You don't get to see the body (because of the flames) in that particular scene, but in most other scenarios you do. https://i.imgur.com/8rRMj3X.png

The third game is especially graphic: https://imgur.com/vvzztFN
I just started the third one though, so I haven't had any of the children looking characters killed yet.

Dangan Ronpa is another game where children looking characters are murdered and executed in spectacular fashion.

The age of consent in JPN is pretty much the same as most of the world.

Also while I see your point with Zero Escape, I dont see anything that shows the violence being committed to the character. And that gif is not overly graphic at all its an offscreen death. I think this is an apples to oranges comparison here.

Nem said:
twintail said:

Because gun violence is equatable to the sexualisation of children?



It's a drawing and it's sugestion. Theres no depiction of children having sex. I don't know how one can make a case that this isn't ok but blowing heads off in gorish faction is ok. They are both not real. They are controller inputs and polygons or drawings. It makes no sense to take action against one and not the other. Theres no consistency in that position. Either they are both ok cause none of it is real (and tbh one sugests and the other one explicitly does it) or none is because they are representations of reality in entertainment. It's ridiculous. The reason is not to protect anyone. It's cause one sells millions and the other doesn't.

Children having sex? Sorry? This is about children looking characters being sexualised, and being treated as sexualised objects based on various gameplay aspects of the game itself.

Equating violence, to minors being sexualised is not only bizarre, its frankly disgusting.

And tbh, if you cant realise that violence is only more normalised in our society because of historical events (wars, protests etc) and sport (boxing, UFC, fencing, judo), the advent of action entertainment, etc, then I cant help you.

But if you want to argue how the sexual representation of children is ok under certain circumstances then that is your prerogative. 

Sony shouldn't try to conform to western pc culture.

Pretty sure there are a few other similar games where you can fondle and stimulate what appear to be "lolis" that did bypass Sony's filtering. Otherwise I'm all for the ban.

I generally like Japan but as a culture, it has its fair share of problems and disturbing traditions that I wouldn't want to make it into my country, or any country for the matter. The Japanese show a lot of tolerance to what we commonly consider sick perverts. Eroge (Erotic games) try to appeal to all kinds of people so as to maximize sales, one of the major acknowledged demographics is called "lolicons" Many Eroge are designed to partly cater to nerds who literally and openly want to molest/bang 12 year old (or younger) anime girls. Changing the age of said character from 12 to 18 isn't magically going to erase the original portrayal of the character. That's a laughable straw man.

Allow me to compare the loli/young forms of Monogatari's Mayoi and Shinobu to their adult forms:

But guess who gets more sexualized by the fandom? The disturbing answer is: The young versions and by a huge fucking margin. Sure, screen time and relevance have to do with it but it isn't the only explanation, duh!


There is a lot Japan has to be proud of and share with the rest of the world. But I'd rather they keep their loli crap to themselves. "But but but.. she's 18, I swear!!"

Barkley said: 

It doesn't have to be a depiction of a child having sex to be considered child pornography or at the very least child exploitation. Depictions of violence is not illegal, sexual depictions of children is.

There's no denying that the character in the middle here is a child:

This character is one of the specific reasons the UK's rating board gave for banning the game:

"The game is explicit in its setting within a “school” environment and the majority of the characters are young girls – one child is referred to as being a “first year” student and is seen holding a teddy bear. The game clearly promotes the sexualisation of children via the sexual interaction between the game player and the female characters."

I'd say the player having to touch and fondle a clearly underage character is very reasonable grounds for a ban. Violence on the screen and for real are very separate in our minds, sex is not, hence the majority of the world getting off on porn.

In your mind there are two worlds, one in which the game is released and one in which it isn't.  What difference would it make in the world?

Nymeria said:
Barkley said: 

I'd say the player having to touch and fondle a clearly underage character is very reasonable grounds for a ban. Violence on the screen and for real are very separate in our minds, sex is not, hence the majority of the world getting off on porn.

In your mind there are two worlds, one in which the game is released and one in which it isn't.  What difference would it make in the world?

Just going to jump in this convo for a bit and share this link. The references are located at the bottom of the article if anyone wants to read the actual literature.