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Amy weren't you a mod before? So returning after a break? Anyway congrats to you both.

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Yay it's been announced now! 

Congratulations to the both of you; welcome to the team Chris, and welcome BACK to the team Amy! Gonna' be fun working with you both! :P

Aaaaannnnnd.....they're Green! Welcome to the Team guys. As we talked, I look forward to working with you two. Lots to cover!


Oh nice! Congrats to you 2!!!

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Amy again? Welcome back.

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Yo... Sup...

Uh. Hm.

Two thumb sticks up for two new Mods. Congrats!

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Welcome to the team, cycycychris  PwerlvlAmy! I am sure you will do fantastically. :)

Welcome to the team