People are trying to refund Mario Tennis Aces for not being like real tennis

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I was so looking forward to this game but the lacking singleplayer and options mean I might pass

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I think people should be allowed to play matches as long as they want them to be, but get interrupted by calls from their father urging them to take a break.

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Hopefully there will be a patch for this, but even myself as an avid tennis fan am not bothered by this. It would be nice to have but the game is still fun regardless

The lack of options is mistake on Nintendo's part that'll hopefully be fixed, but this was known even before the game launched, so it's your own mistake for buying a game without doing enough research.

Offtopic but this reminded me that I want a new Top Spin game. Badly.

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Nintendo should patch it in if people are asking for it.

A simple patch can fix this.


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People are also really dumb.

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Ah were very angry when Ah done found out that thar Mario Kart doohicky game did'unt has the same rules as NASCARS!

Reckon Ah should go done thar and barter it back fer me grits.

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Nautilus said:
Well, people are dumb.Plus, expect this game to be supported in the same way that Splatoon and ARMS was/is.We will get new characters, courts, modes and maybe even QOL improvements, in places were the game was criticized on.

Funny how this is a positive when it's a Nintendo game. All other publishers are criticized for not delivering a complete game at launch.

You guys never fail to amuse me.