People are trying to refund Mario Tennis Aces for not being like real tennis

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I've already had matches that have lasted 15+ minutes, so i'm pretty happy that it's shortened, otherwise those matches would stretch on to 1 hour.

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Wanting to play the game more is not a good reason to return it. Well, at least this should make Nintendo add the option to customize game lengths. It is dumb that it isn't there already.

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Worst thing I've seen is that two people on separate Switches cannot team up and queue for an online doubles matchmaking. How the hell can it lack such a basic feature?

Stuart23 said:
Did people got upset about Mario Strikers having basically none of real soccer rules besides "kick the ball to the goal"? Why are people getting angry of Mario Tennis not having realistic tennis rules?

Now that you mention it, how could they not release or even announce a Mario Strikers game this year to take advantage of the World Cup.
It's been a whopping 11 years since the last one.

I don't think Mario Tennis was aimed as a sim but at the same time its silly Nintendo did not allow custom rules to be made,

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Cobretti2 said:
I thought I saw a trailer were they said there is a mode that when enabled the game plays like real tennis? Perhaps people saw that and assumed all aspects and not just turning off the flashy stuff.

TBH it is 2018 it should be in there anyway. Not so hard to have a traditional tennis mode.

Since I've started playing games with mods, I've come to the realization that options are really important.  You look at some of the mods out there and it soon becomes clear that different people have a vast array of preferences.  I think more developers need to realize that.  Tools to control game rules should be as robust as possible.  

Not a game I was ever interested in, but it has to be pretty bare bones to not even allow you to change the number of matches... heck, I could do that clear back on the MARIO tennis on the virtual boy...(only MARIO tennis game I have ever owned)

Dividing people over the rounds format in their Mario Tennis game. Is this the most Nintendo thing of 2018 so far?

Yerm said:

Mario Tennis Aces launched yesterday, and some of those who were excited enough to buy the game day one or even preorder it (I'll admit I was tempted to) are getting upset that the game does not allow players to play with actual tennis scoring rules. In real life tennis, you play sets until one of you wins at least 6 games with a lead of 2, but in MTA it works a bit different. you dont need to win 6 games, you just need to be ahead of the other player by 2, meaning it could be over in as little as 2 games, or with a tiebreaker round, a maximum of 5. A select few have gone to lengths to try and get Nintendo to refund the game (they said no of course) and I think its a bit ridiculous. So now Im just going to address all the negative criticism the game has received in not even 24 hours.


You confused sets and games in the tennis scoring system.

Was expecting something completely different with this thread. That's a valid criticism though.

Hardly surprising given that Nintendo are the anti-choice developer though.

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