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What controller will you use to play?

Gamecube 6 22.22%
Switch Pro 12 44.44%
Joy-con (set) 7 25.93%
Joy-con (single horizontally) 2 7.41%
Yomieeee said:
mZuzek said:

I promise you, sideways Wiimote is the worst. Single Joy-Con will definitely be better because of more buttons and an analog stick, but you should just get on with it and start using a... proper controller.

I dont want an analog stick though, and the joycon is too small for my hands.

If I can use some kind of an adapter to connect the Wiimote to my Switch AND it works ok then I will.

Well, sure. Not having an analog stick is objectively worse in Smash, and it is a lot worse - though in this game maybe it won't be as bad, because of how much better dashing is than walking. Do you have to double tap the D-pad do dash on the Wiimote, though? That would suck anyway.

Regardless, there won't be any kind of adapter. Nintendo has already confirmed that the supported controllers are Joy-Cons, Switch Pro and GameCube, nothing more.

MTZehvor said:
Probably pro controller. It's a real shame there's no controller option with a stick layout similar to the Wii U Pro; having the Right/C Stick directly next to jump was amazing.

Well you could always customize your controls, but not having the B attacks on the B button sure would be strange. Personally, I use the shoulder buttons to jump, so I'm good either way.

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There needs to be an "All of them!" option. :)

Some days I just blow up.

definitely sticking to pro controller. its just so damn comfortable

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Both joycons slotted into the grip, no need for me to buy a pro controller, they're so damn expensive and quite frankly look ugly, lol.

Gamecube when docked.