It's my Birthday today!!!

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Yay, I'm 13!!!!! OK, now, for the real question, what should I get, Mario Kart Wii or Super Smash Bros Brawl?? I'm really confused on which one to get..


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SSBB IMO ... it looks more impressive :) BTW : Happy b-day :)

^ Thanks, and I still think they are tied, I need more users to tell me which one is better, thanks though...


Go Shawty, it's ya birthday

We gon' party cuz it's ya birthday

We gon sip bacardi like it's ya birthday

And you know, we don't give a ---- if it's not ya birthday!

Happy Birthday!

LOL I knew someone was gonna say that...and thanks :)


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Happy Birthday, get SSBB.

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I would go for Brawl ... Happy birthday !!
you're just 13 today ?? .... man this site is full of little kids :D

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I'd say Brawl is the safer bet. Kart has a marmite thing going, Brawl is loved by all.

I already told you happy birthday, but I'll spare one more,
Happy Birthday.

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Happy birthday

Wow,13, I bet you don't even remember the 32/64 bit wars lol