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It's hard to choose 3
Resident Evil 2
Doom Eternal

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For this year Forza Horizon 4, Spidermand looked the best.

For the future, gears 5, last of us 2, resident evil 2 and cyberpunk 2077 stole the show for me

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-Smah Bros Ultimate: Because Ivysaur.
-Star Control: Origins: It looks really interesting, plus I always liked Spore.
-Tetris Effect: That presentation is mesmerizing.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I never get games "right now" I always wait for sales and good deals. But as a mental challenge, let's go for that.

From this E3 the 3 games that I would get right now (as in I really care for those games) would be:

- The Last of Us Part 3

- Doom Eternal

- The Elder Scrolls 6

But I also want Nioh 2, Dying Light 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding...


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Either E3 is becoming more of s third party showcase for the big 3 or no one had anything much to show.


As for games :


Cyberpunk 2077

The platinum games game

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I can't do just three. Too many.

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Ghost of tsushima.
The last of us 2
Nioh 2


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