Which E3 2018 Press Conference/Event Did You Enjoy Most?

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Which E3 2018 Press Conference/Event Did You Enjoy Most?

Bethesda 151 6.74%
Devolver Digital 23 1.03%
Electornic Arts 5 0.22%
Microsoft 732 32.68%
Nintendo 400 17.86%
PC Gaming Show 21 0.94%
Sony 697 31.12%
Square Enix 17 0.76%
Ubisoft 62 2.77%
None of them 132 5.89%

I guess Bethesda itdid announce some New good looking games and the presentation was pretty good. Square had some decent announcements. Although they showed KH 3 at three freaking different conferences. Sony I don't know what you where thinking, but CEOKazHirai conclude your show pretty well with two statements. 1. I guess you care so much about making New games that all of your time and recources go into that and none into this presentation. 2. Did Sony forget to ask third party games to show their games at their conference. Microsoft was really solid and probably had the best presentation but I don't own a Xbox or intend to.

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Ubisoft, it was "almost" good all around the presentation, had some funny/cringey moments springled, the only surprised that made me go ape shit with Star Fox in StarLink.
They also showed the most diversified catalog of game from what I've seen sooo yeah. They get my vote.

If only Nintendo had something else after Smash ... the first half was the best moment of E3 in hype level but it dropped after 10 min. of Smash.

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Microsoft- 8/10
Bethesda- 7.5/10
Ubisoft- 7.5/10
Sony- 5/10
Square- 5/10
Nintendo- 4/10
EA- 3/10

Microsoft wins overall. They had a ton of games, 50 to be exact. They addressed their 1st party weakness with 5 new 1st party studios. They added more value to Gamepass. They announced a new Halo game and engine. They announced Gears 5. Forza Horizon 4 exceeded expectations, most were disappointed when they heard the UK setting rumors, but Playground is so skilled they managed to take a boring setting and make it fun.

I've only played on Nintendo Consoles and mostly strategy games on PC untill now. I was never that interested in Sony or Microsoft (besides few exclusives). Now after Microsfts Show I'm certain to buy an Xbox this fall and Nintendo seems nothing to have against it.

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1 - Microsoft
2- Bethesda
3- Nintendo
4- Ubisoft
5- Devolver
6- Sony
7- Squenix

Didn't watch EA. Idk to me, i think the leaks really ruined the Nintendo direct. As a whole, we got Fire Emblem, Fortnite, Mario party, Paladins, DBZ and Smash with Hollow knight and some cool stuff like Overcooked 2. Not saying it was good, Smash was clearly too long and it was lacking the presence of 1 or 2 big titles like Retro's game, Bayo 3 or MP4. Pikmin 4 nowhere to be found, Animal crossing same while they had an app for it... anyway i know this was focused on Smash but maybe it was just not a good idea to put the spotlight on Smash while there is people that don't really enjoy the game watching.. and have nothing else after. I do like smash, i hope they bring a Story mode since the game not having much new characters and stuff that's really doable or else i really underestimate the time it takes to modify Link's clothes and porting over like 10 character + 2 new ones.

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Microsoft had a better show but I enjoyed Sony's more. I watched it through the stream of an artist I follow who streamed it (stream within a stream) and the chat was busting chops. Most games didn't interest me but chatting and busting chops with the artist and his viewers was loads of fun!

Didn't watch Nintendo's and wasn't intending to watch Microsoft's or Sony's. Was sort of roped into the latter two.

For me, this E3 was the worst in recent memory. Maybe my expectations were too high but I think everybody besides Microsoft and Bethesda had better showings last year.


My personal ratings:

Microsoft: 9/10 - Conference setup and pace were close to perfect. We got a new Halo (even though that's probably a long way off), 3 Gears games and Forza Horizon 4. There were a lot of 3rd party games but I don't mind that when we're talking about games like Cyberpunk, Sekiro, Fallout 76, Metro Exodus, Tomb Raider, Devil May Cry 5, Dying Light 2 and Battlefield 5. Only thing missing was an exciting new IP or megaton revival like Perfect Dark or Fable.

Bethesda: 8/10 - Conference was held back by a dull rock concert and too many awkward pauses. Content was top notch though. Bethesda fans literally got everything. New chapters announced in Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, DOOM, Wolfenstein and Rage as well as an exciting new IP in Starfield. Better conference setup and more gameplay in general would've improved the rating.

Ubisoft: 7.5/10 - Conference was top notch but content was a little lacking. Maybe I'm just being spoiled but Ubisoft usually ends the conference by announcing either a big new IP or a megaton revival. I admire that they show so much gameplay but it mostly felt like updates for already announced or released games. If they hadn't leaked/shown The Division 2, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, The Crew 2 and Mario + Rabbids: Donkey Kong Adventures beforehand and had shown gameplay of Beyond Good & Evil 2, it would've been close to a 9/10 for me. With Splinter Cell or a big new IP on top would've made it a 10/10.

Sony: 7/10 - Conference was held back by weird setup and pace. They had the winning formula in 2015 and 2016 but for some reason decided to focus on very few games and unnecessary talks (without the actual developers). I really liked what I saw from TLOU2, Ghost, Spider-Man, Days Gone, Resident Evil 2, Control and Nioh 2 but what makes me primarily a PlayStation gamer is the variety of the (exclusive) library. Sony has so many varied games coming up but for some reason they only want to focus on their 3rd person action games. What about Spyro, MediEvil Remake, the secret Bluepoint game, Babylon's Fall, FF7 Remake, Shenmue 3, Yakuza 6, Ace Combat 7, Dead or Alive 6, GT Sport's Summer update, Concrete Genie, Blood and Truth, Déraciné, etc. If we had had less talk, more games and that 1 huge surprise (RE2 was already announced), the rating would've been better.

Nintendo: 5/10 - This could've been a Smash Bros. Direct. I liked the extensive look at Smash Bros. Ultimate. It really is shaping up to be the ultimate fighting game with a huge number of characters and details. With that said I'm somewhat disappointed that it's a port of Smash 4 with some extra content and updated graphics. Beside from Super Mario Party, we didn't really get anything new. If we'd seen anything from Pokémon 2019, Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3, Shin Megami Tensei V, Yo-kai Watch 4, Good-Feel's new Yoshi game or Retro's new game, the rating would've easily been better.

Square Enix: 4/10 - My expectations were high for SE's conference because of their broad and varied library of both Japanese and Western games. I thought they would go all in and bring KH3, FF7 Remake, DQ XI, DQ Builders 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Just Cause 4, Life is Stange 2, The Avengers Project, Left Alive, and People Can Fly's AAA shooter but we only got 4 of those. Platinum's Babylon's Fall looked promising but it was the only new announcement. If they hadn't leaked/shown everything else beforehand, the rating would've been better.

EA: 3/10 - At this point, I don't even think EA is trying to cater to gamers. Their conferences feel like reruns with the same boring talk about this year's "revolutionary" sports titles. They sit on so many great IPs (rip C&C) and sometimes they even have the content to make an interesting show but.. they're just not capable of delivering. They're just a bunch of uncreative and investor-driven suits who invite indie developers in the hope of giving the show some kind of pulse and personality. As a huge fan of the Jedi Knight-series, I hope Respawn's Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order will be a worthy spiritual successor but I won't hold my breath. I know there are many fans of the sports titles and Battlefield, Anthem and the indie games could turn out worthwhile. Though in order to go higher than 3/10, EA would have to actually make an effort regarding the setup, pace and content of the conference.

Sony. The strongest lineup.

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I've watched them all except Microsoft's and Nintendo's, which I'll watch tonight. All, but Sony's so far were really meh. I was really happy with all the gameplay Sony showed, but wish there was more. Hopefully they have some bangers for PGW and PSX.

I copied and pasted my post from another similar thread to this one.

Out of the big three I watched, here is my opinion.

MICROSOFT 8/10 - Showed promising upcoming games, new announcements, reviving old games, brought and created promising studios, entertaining conference.

PLAYSTATION 5/10 - Nothing new, what they showed was good but no new games, no old 1st party game revivals and the conference itself was a mess. Needed more than just the rince and repeat method and relying on 3rd Party games to carry the show.

NINTENDO 4/10 - Pokémon and Smash Bros are the only reason to watch the show, they deserved 2 points for each game however too much was missing and nothing to spark interests.