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Rate the Nintendo E3 2018 Direct

10 14 6.83%
9 6 2.93%
8 22 10.73%
7 35 17.07%
6 35 17.07%
5 29 14.15%
4 22 10.73%
3 18 8.78%
2 6 2.93%
1 18 8.78%

3/10...as much as I like Smash, devoting basically the whole presentation to a single game deserves lots of criticism.

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By far too much focus on Smash. Just the direct itself simply was bad for me. It started really good and I was expecting some time for Smash, but not that much.
But we know Nintendo will still do some stuff on Treehouse events. So I still have some hope for more interesting news and announcements within the next days.

It's unexcusable.
After almost one year of ports, with all their studios supporting a single platform, you can't have just 1 big release in a year.
I've bought the Switch just recently and they're actually making me regret my purchase.

Fire Emblem looked cool, Smash was great but too much time, Fortnite got leaked already. Mario Party is just meh. Rest of the show was meh. 6/10.

shikamaru317 said:

Please be constructive with criticism.

Very disappointed. I don't have a Switch but I still love some Nintendo franchises. I played the first 3 Metroid Prime games and I was hoping to see Metroid Prime 4. The other games shown were totally not for me.

Nintendo's conference was all in all one of the worst of this E3.


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Johnw1104 said:
This is just positively puzzling, there's so many things they left unmentioned. Maybe they'll show more throughout treehouse?

We're all in awe. Talking about one game for half the Direct and then leaving us with credits should be a crime. They usually do announce (small) things throughout Treehouse, but it shouldn't have been that bad.

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Sadly a 4/10
Probably not as worse as that e3 before BOTW e3

There is no BOTW or Odyssey game like coming to the Switch this year......... What is worse that its not a Proper Pokemon game, and FE is delayed.....

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Johnw1104 said:
This is just positively puzzling, there's so many things they left unmentioned. Maybe they'll show more throughout treehouse?

Hopefully some smaller games at least. Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4 is just a no show.

What should i rate? The smash direct? This was the lowest E3 i have ever seen. Even worst than the 2015 E3. I dont know how much Crystal Meth the Nintendo Marketing is using but it seems like alot. No sane person would make such an idiotic Direct. They could have announced smash and than show those things in the treehouse or a smash direct sometime in the next weeks or so. Do we have to wait now always on the 4 hours long game awards to see new nintendo titles? Nintendo u fucked up. I dont care if smash will sell 50 million. U still fucked up for me. That was the lowest of the lowest.

I'm surprised at the Nintendo fanbase on this site, you guys actually think this was bad, which it was.