Kingdom Hearts 3 Confirmed For January 29th 2019 For PS4/Xbox One.

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Guess that gives me some extra time to catch up on the franchise

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Well that clears up the "Days Gone, Anthem, Crackdown 3" argument. The answer is clearly KH3.
That will take up January, February, and probably March.

I was going to say I don't fear spoilers, but did social media even exist when KH2 came out?

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Since I haven't been expecting this any time soon at any point, this sounds like it's surprisingly soon. Then again, I just learned that this was kind of aimed for 2018 before this announcement...

Goddammit, cant they keep those kind of news in their pants for one more day?Wanted to be surprised at the conference....

i feel like they could have pulled off a Switch port with enough effort. they had the remakes of 1 and 2 on the PS3, which was well below the Switch in terms of power, and i feel like they have had more than enough time to port the game if they committed to it

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Lol, I remember ten years ago there was a bet on these forums about whether or not KH3 would come to PS3 or Wii.

AlfredoTurkey said:
Jranation said:
Dang! No Switch version :(

Until Nintendo finally decides to make a console that is as powerful as their competitors and with a similar architecture (internals, storage media etc.), this is going to happen. It's been going on since N64.

Yup, that's why streaming would be a possible option in the future no more limited by hardware or storage.

That's a pretty minor delay. People have been waiting for so many years, what's another 2 or so months.

As for a Switch version, during the recent KH3 event where people got to play the game, they were told that this game is targeted for 60fps only on Xbox One X.
I'm guessing on base PS4 it'll be 30fps. In that case it diminishes the chance of a Switch version even further.

AlfredoTurkey said: 
alejollorente10 said: 

In that Nintendo would enter a market already established 3 years later and without any difference to the other two consoles except their exclusive. And with more expensive prices in their games that do not fall in price over time as it happens in the other two consoles.

And well, when the SNES was successful, they were other times and the only competition of Nintendo was SEGA. Then Sony entered the market and we already know how that ends.

It just doesn't make sense. Imagine a console released by Nintendo which was exactly like a PS4 Pro. Same online, same internals, same basic media... basic controller. Now imagine Nintendo releasing BOTW, Metroid Prime 4, Odyssey... and then throw in COD, Madden, GTA 6, Battlefield... all those really massive casual franchises. Who the hell would be able to compete? Sony? They have great exclusives, sure. But if Nintendo is getting the same third party support and their versions are just as good, Nintendo is going to win that fight because in the end, their exclusives sell better and are in more demand. GOW is great. Bloodborne is great. But they don't sell anything like MK or Pokemon. 

There's literally no evidence of Nintendo ever losing under this strategy and, if they ever tried again, trust me, Microsoft and Sony would shit the bed secretly because they have used Nintendo's gimped hardware and different controller strategy to their advance for years. They have lived off the fact that by default, Nintendo won't be getting the best third party games. If Nintendo threw down the gauntlet and said, ok... no more freebies for you guys, imo, it could be game over for their dominance.

Well there is Gamecube. Although Gamecube chose to have mini discs with limited storage space. And a much lesser issue, but worth noting, a controller with a button layout that was weird for some genres (mainly fighting games).

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I am surprised there are people here that are genuinely upset about no Switch port. Both FF15 and KH3 got the, "Kick in the ass treatment" by SE. They were both announced waaaay before Switch or PS4/XBO for that matter, were a thing. Then they were re-announced for PS4/XBO with the goal of grinding them out as fast as possibly. Even if SE wanted a a Switch port, they dont have luxury of delaying this game any further for it. Get this game out. How much resources do you guys think XV and KH3 were hogging up? With the release of KH3 it will be the end of a decade long age.

Not the 2018 release I was hoping for but I'll take it! The game has been in development for what feels like forever so at least things are finally looking up