Which ones are you getting - RDR 2, COD BO4 and BF 5

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BF 5 3 3.45%
RDR 2 44 50.57%
COD BO4 2 2.30%
All 3 1 1.15%
2 of 3 9 10.34%
None 28 32.18%

Not really into FPS so out of those three its easily RDR 2.

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Red Dead 2 for sure, on the fence about battlefield.

COD lost me this year.

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Only buying RDR2. Will rent Battlefield V after all of the DLC has released to play the campaigns (the DLC will contain new mini-campaigns as well as MP maps).

only RDR 2. dont care about the others

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Haven't played Cod in a while. Preordered Black Ops 4 and Red Dead.

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None of them at launch. I'll play RDR and BF at some point though.

Only Red Dead Redemption 2.

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only rdr2 in the next couple years. maybe the rest in 3-4 years when they’re dirt cheap

RDR2 period. I'm offended by COD these days...whenever I see BO.

all of them, Black Ops 4 gonna be sick af, BF 5 not the setting i wanted but i always buy battlefield. And Red Dead Redemption 2 is also gonna be hype af, especially the Multiplayer.