Official Microsoft E3 2018 Thread- 5 new 1st Party Studious, Halo Infinite, Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, and more

Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Official Microsoft E3 2018 Thread- 5 new 1st Party Studious, Halo Infinite, Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, and more

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Fudging the "5 new studios" number a bit but Ninja Theory and Compulsion are good to see.

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Xbox finally learned they need new studios. I expected one or two, but five is impressive.
Assuming they don't just get shut down, or get few funding. Hope they get a blank check.

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5 studios! Where the haters at now?

The Initiative (New studio)
Ninja Theory (Hellblade)
Playground Games (Forza Horizon)
Undead Labs (State of Decay)
Compulsion Games (We Happy Few)

IamAwsome said:
Hiku said:

But does that happen AFTER games have already gotten trailers and promotions for all available systems?
That would seem a bit redundant.

This isn't exactly the same, but IIRC Watch Dogs was shown with no consoles in 2012 (or 13). And then got a Sony deal. You also see COD trailers for all consoles early on before E3. 

Yeah, that sounds familiar. I think it was the same for Tomb Raider, and then we heard about the timed exclusivity for Xbox One.

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Console launch exclusive. PUBG expansion?

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Wow. Ninja theory! Well if ya cant make um,buy um


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Ok so it's not 5 brand new studios per say, but new to being owned by Microsoft, rather.

Still, great move. This should satisfy a lot of people.
This is certainly a case where MS listened to the fans.

Holy shit, this PUBG updates are great. Can't wait.

Ninja theory some months ago: we want to make games free from publishers !!

Gets bought by Microsoft 😁