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Premier League winner?

Liverpool 2 $200.22 22.22%
Manchester City 7 $3,356.75 77.78%
Totals: 9 $3,556.97  
Game closed: 05/11/2019

Both De Gea and Courtois seem to have forgotten they're world class this season.

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Wyrdness said:

Both De Gea and Courtois seem to have forgotten they're world class this season.

Eh, Courtois was always overrated.

So if Chelsea loses a match and we win both our remaining games there's still cha... FUCK IT ALREADY!! I kind a wished either Chelsea or ManU would've won so it all would be done and dusted already. Can't take this shit anymore lol they keep throwing bones at us and we've fucked it over and over again. 

I think Emery should be given another season and hopefully a more successful transfer window. Pep & Klopp struggled on their first seasons too. But the difference is, you could instantly tell what kind of football they wanted to play. They had a clear plan and playstyle. And I still don't have a clue what kind of football Emery wants us to play, he just keeps tinkering his formations and gameplan and doesn't have his starting 11 figured out. I think players are confused and frustrated about this as well. He just changes his tactics depending on the opponent and I don't like that. 

At the start of the season I would have thought finishing 5th or 6th is fine, it's a write-off season. But now this all reads like a huge failure. It's not much of an improvement over Wengers worst ever season last year.

Bundesliga - Matchday 31

Augsburg 1-4 Leverkusen
Dortmund 2-4 Schalke
Leipzig 2-1 Freiburg
Frankfurt 0-0 Berlin
Hannover 1-0 Mainz
Düsseldorf 4-1 Bremen
Stuttgart 1-0 Gladbach
Hoffenheim 1-4 Wolfsburg
Nürnberg 1-1 Bayern

A week with many surprising results.

Title Race - Dortmund was off to a fast start, but shortly afterwards it would turn into a day where all fortune was with Schalke and none with Dortmund. A video review granted Schalke a penalty kick for a hands where the distance between shot and hands was ~30cm. A corner kick before halftime resulted in a 2-1 lead for a Schalke team who couldn't get anything going without standard situations. The 60th minute was shocking because Reus got sent off with a straight red card, but the replays showed that he slid from behind and had no chance to play the ball, so the call was justified. The ensuing free kick was perfectly converted, so Schalke had scored three goals in a game where they hadn't had a clear scoring chance without the help of a PK, CK or FK. A few minutes later another Dortmund player saw the red card, this time for a harder version of what Reus did. What followed were an awful 15 minutes of 9 vs. 11, because Dortmund had to sort out how to play in such a situation while Schalke was too inept to make anything out of their numerical advantage. Dortmund scored the 2-3 in the 85th minute which fired up the spectators after some long silence again, but that glimmer of hope only lasted for a couple of minutes.

On Sunday Bayern couldn't seal the championship because they only got a 1-1 in Nürnberg. Worse, they could have lost the game, but Nürnberg couldn't convert a penalty kick in the 91st minute. That's not to say that Nürnberg was the better team, but this was a crazy finish to an already crazy week. Next week Bayern hosts Hannover while Dortmund has to travel to Bremen. Dortmund's situation has changed from "win your own games and have Bayern play at least one draw" to "win your own games and have Bayern lose once."

International Spots - Leverkusen did their job in a convincing manner on Friday. Frankfurt is now winless for three straight games, leaving the final CL spot still within reach for other teams. Surprising were the 4-1 losses of both Bremen and Hoffenheim, and so was Gladbach's loss in Stuttgart. Bremen now has a must-win game against Dortmund, because otherwise they won't be able to finish in the top 7.

Relegation - If anyone had told me that the four worst teams will combine for 10 points this weekend, I'd have called them nuts. Schalke wins in Dortmund, Stuttgart wins against Gladbach, Nürnberg gets a draw against Bayern and Hannover beats Mainz. Schalke has essentially saved themselves; they are 6 points ahead and have the better goal difference with only 3 games left to play. Stuttgart looks almost locked into #16, because Nürnberg now trails by 5 points. While Hannover won and is still mathematically in it, it would be the biggest upset of the season if they could steal 1 point, let alone 3, in Munich next week. If things return to normal on matchday 32, Hannover should lose by at least 6 goals.

Highlights of Matchday 32 - Gladbach vs. Hoffenheim, Bremen vs. Dortmund and Leverkusen vs. Frankfurt.

Played Points W D L Goals Goal difference
1 - FC Bayern München 31 71 22 5 4 80:30 +50
2 - Borussia Dortmund 31 69 21 6 4 74:40 +34
3 - RB Leipzig 31 64 19 7 5 59:24 +35
4 - Eintracht Frankfurt 31 54 15 9 7 58:35 +23
5 - Borussia Mönchengladbach 31 51 15 6 10 49:38 +11
6 Bayer 04 Leverkusen 31 51 16 3 12 57:49 +8
7 TSG 1899 Hoffenheim 31 50 13 11 7 66:45 +21
8 VfL Wolfsburg 31 49 14 7 10 52:46 +6
9 SV Werder Bremen 31 46 12 10 9 53:46 +7
10 - Fortuna Düsseldorf 31 40 12 4 15 44:60 -16
11 - Hertha Berlin 31 37 9 10 12 41:48 -7
12 - 1. FSV Mainz 05 31 36 10 6 15 37:52 -15
13 - Sport-Club Freiburg 31 32 7 11 13 40:56 -16
14 - FC Augsburg 31 31 8 7 16 47:59 -12
15 - FC Schalke 04 31 30 8 6 17 36:54 -18
16 - VfB Stuttgart 31 24 6 6 19 28:67 -39
17 - 1. FC Nürnberg 31 19 3 10 18 25:57 -32
18 - Hannover 96 31 18 4 6 21 26:66 -40

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Good start booyah

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Jeez that score doesnt reflect how i felt the game went

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I feel Liverpool would've been better parking the bus, fighting head on with Barca was just going to end like this given the difference in player quality

Is it me or does the ajax tiki taka > barcas

Its still fluid sometimes but also very slow

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I don't think Barcelona has played tiki-taka in a while now.

KiigelHeart said:
I don't think Barcelona has played tiki-taka in a while now.

They haven't that was mainly a thing during the era of Xavi and Iniesta the team in this era are more closer to the Galacticos era of Real Madrid where the is a lot more individual play very similar to the Ronaldinho era of Barca.