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Belgium 1-1 England [England win on penalties]
Croatia 0-2 France

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Belgium vs. England 3-1
France vs. Croatia 2-1

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The Semi Final losers playoff for 3rd place finish. Why do they bother with this match? Just rub it in that your team is not playing in the World Cup Final?

Belgium is cruising and yet they play better than England.






Well even if England made it to the final, its very unlikely they could beat France.


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It's coming home.
With 3 losses, no less.

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BraLoD said:
It's coming home.
With 3 losses, no less.

They beat Tunisia (barely) and Panama (who played their first ever WC), and then lost 1-0 to Belgium. They failed to beat a bruised Colombia without James Rodriguez without going to penalties and were dominated by Croatia in the second half and onward of their semi final. And now they lost 2-0 to Belgium. Belgium only conceded 6 goals the entire tournament and beat Brazil in the semi-finals (on regular time), and they have the highest number of goals thus far of any team (France or Croatia might beat them there, but it's very unlikely).

How anyone could think that it was coming home is beyond me. They've had huge difficulties scoring open play goals against better sides and out of a total of 12 goals, 3 were penalties and 4 were set pieces, compared to Belgium with 1 penalty and 1 set piece goal (with a total of 14 goals overall). They never stood a chance. You need only look at the counterattacks in this last match to see the gulf in class and skill, Belgium move quickly, precisely and directly, whereas England lumber about and pass vertically for ages, allowing the opposition to come back fully. How Southgate has been dubbed some kind of genius is way, way beyond my comprehension.

Now, for tomorrow, I still think Croatia are going to lose, but I'm still rooting for them.

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BraLoD said:
It's coming home.
With 3 losses, no less.

Yeah. Finish fourth at a World Cup, but I am struggling to get past that stat.

Even with a bit of spin by only counting score lines at 90 minutes, it is W3 D2 L2. Comparing that to the other semi finalists or even quarter finalists and it doesn't make great reading.

Just have to hope when we look back in the next few years it can be seen as a launchpad for what came next rather a missed opportunity that fizzled out into a damp squib.

Well done, Belgium.

Not the trip to the finals that you were hoping for, but there's nothing to be ashamed of when you take your country further than it's ever been before.

As to England; better luck next time, chaps.