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Belgium 2-1 England
France 2-1 Croatia


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Best team won tonight, England played for well 30 minutes and could of gone 2 or 3-0 up then decided to sit on a 1-0 which is a massive mistake and then fell apart after the 1-1 equaliser whilst Croatia absolutely dominated the midfield.

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Croatia is incredible at this tournament, three overtimes won.

Plenty of former and current Bundesliga players (Rebic, Kramaric, Mandzukic, Perisic, Rakitic) plus great players from Seria A and La Liga and grandma Modric.

See, Belgian team, this is how you fight back.

The old men from the Adriatic Sea deserve the title.

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Well done Croatia! Wish you luck against France.

Belgium 2 - 1 England
France 0 - 2 Croatia

My original prediction was for France to win it but seeing Croatia today, I hope they take it.

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Fantastic match, I rooted for them all the way, it's their first ever final! I honestly think they deserve to win the whole thing, but France will be tough to beat. England weren't very good tonight, Sterling keeps getting in behind the back line and then monumentally waste the ball, Kane had no precision tonight, Lingard missed several opportunities and the defenders were half asleep at times. Up until now, England faced two really shit teams, lost more or less on purpose to Belgium because they were afraid of Brazil and barely managed to beat a crippled Colombia with no James Rodriguez. Quite simply, they haven't played like WC winners and have shown a baffling lack of adaptation when the opponent changes the game, they were completely stumped in the second half and seemed to have no plan to counter Croatia's dominant midfield.

Modric is easily the best midfielder in the WC, they were fantastic down the wings as well tonight. Congratulations to Croatia for writing history!

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KingCherry said:
A lot of English haters on this forum like elsewhere, not sure why you'd go for Croatia over England.

Now you know why

Azhraell said:
KingCherry said:
A lot of English haters on this forum like elsewhere, not sure why you'd go for Croatia over England.

Now you know why

Croatia are the better team at the moment, ignore rankings, in this case they have more experience, more world class players. I put Croatia to win this game in this prediction league but wanted England to win because they are England.

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Stefan.De.Machtige said:
Imaginedvl said:

Hum, looked at your profile. Belgium, explains Sorry for the lose!

But let's be real, France is killing it.
I would love a France / England finale and see France winning its second world cup there!

But looking at the second half of the game, Croatia is definitely deserving the win, so it will probably end up being Croatia in final to win the silver!

I wasn't surprised when they folded on a wall of real resistence. They have been doing that since 2014. I had some hope they could pull through. It is what it is.

France did win because they were better on a functional level. I'm not a huge soccer fan but i need some spectable, and not fortress warfare between similar teams.


O_o, i don't think it's coming home now...

I would give Croatia the Cup .

You listening too much to Belgium medias about this non-sense wall

France even played better offensive football actually, they have more than the double of shots on target/and blocked than Belgium... You cannot blame them for also preventing the other team to shot on their goal keeper too! Belgium just did not have the offensive to go through.

France is actually one of the most offensive team in this World Cup right now and, arguably, the best game of the World Cup was versus Argentina where both team showed how strong they are in offense. 

Croatia will have a lot of fun on Sunday. So far they won almost all of their game on the penalty shots or in extended times. That's will probably not do it this time versus a team that is has good as defending than attacking. I would give France the cup!

Apart from the fact I hate England I actually really like Croatia and tipped them as my dark horses so happy to see this result. Great day. Footballs not coming home xD

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