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I’m quite delighted with the match. It was clear how awful Belgium is. Unfortunately, we were incompetent and missed many easy goals.

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Worst ever world cup.

Rolled and smoked my doggies.

This is what is meant by be humble.

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This ia so goddamn sweet

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Happy for Belgium (and that my prediction was correct), but Brazil kinda got robbed as Jesus should've gotten a pen and 5m extra time was a joke, should've been 7 easily.

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All 7 of Brazil's last WC exits have now been to European teams although how they only scored one goal in this match is going to be life's greatest mystery because the was chance after chance after chance where all Brazil needed to do was just kick the ball straight, that Coutinho chance summed it all up.

AZWification said:

Holy shit. How hasn't Brazil scored a second goal?!

Bad luck. They played much better than Belgium in the second half


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Damn only European teams left.

world cup becomes europe cup😉

Belgium should win the whole thing now.

Also; 06, 10, 14 and now 18 all European winners.