How often do you eat rice ?

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How often do you eat rice ?

Every meal 5 7.35%
Once a day 8 11.76%
A few times a week 22 32.35%
A few times a month 22 32.35%
A few times a year 6 8.82%
Ralery 4 5.88%
I've never eaten rice 1 1.47%

Sounds like a weird question but I don't mind answering. I eat rice sporadically. It's not like ice cream which I love to eat sometimes every day, like the craving it is to me. Rice is nice but I don't go after it nor do I avoid it. I just have rice whenever I randomly decide to get some.


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Maybe around 3-4 times a week. The food that I eat with rice varies a lot.

Once or twice a week I guess.

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Probably 1-3 times a week. I'm a lazy chef with a rice cooker, and it goes with a lot of the food I like to cook.

I prefer potatoes personally though.

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I live in the US. But, I eat a lot of Asian food, and some Tex-Mex. So, I eat a fair amount of rice. A few times per week, I'd say.

For example, I had Bibimbop for dinner yesterday (rice). The day before that, I roasted a chicken with vegetables and potatos (no rice). On Saturday, I ate Chipotle for dinner (rice). Friday night I had chicken teriyaki with fried rice (rice). So, that's rice in three of my last 4 dinners.

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Couple times a week maybe, it's usually different week to week. May eat it several times in a week or not at all the next.

Practically everyday and it's specifically Jasmine Rice or other white long grain rices but that's not all since I consume a lot of short grain rices as seen in sushi or glutinous rice ...